Monday, May 31, 2010

Every girl NEEDS a Craft Room!!!

So, this weekend was very unexpected. My Husband and I had no official plans - however I think it was our most productive weekend since moving in  to the Home last May.

My Papa came over in the early AM to pick up his trailer, that my husband so graciously filled with busted-up concrete (yes, onto the next renovation project). After making my Papa some Creamy Earl Grey in a "to-go" cup, off to the dump/thing they went. Its not a Dump as we had to pay $100 to leave it with them, but its something like that. A Concrete Old Folks Home if you will.

After it was dumped it came back to our house ready to fill with....wood!

While the men in my life were gone I decided to pick up some power tools and get to working myself. A little surprise for when they got back. A surprise like "Hey, look what I can do....I can break SH&T too!" Okay, the real reason I got my hands dirty, I spotted this Vintage Dresser that the old Home Owners used as a prop for their "make-shift" Wine Seller (and by make-shift I mean using a coiled hide-a-bed frame grid, propped up vertically to make many metal squares that fit Wine Bottle ends - yes I'm serious). 

Anyways, I wanted this Dresser as I knew it would be just perfect for all my Crafts and it would look awesome with the Vintage Desk that my husband bought me not too long ago. They would be a match made in heaven.

I grabbed a Drill found some Drill Bits that seemed to fit the screw I could see, and off I went.

By the time the men got home I have taken off all the "wood" bits, removed my new piece of furniture and was about to start on taking down the "hide-a-wine-rack". They arrived in perfect timing - taking the rack down looked as thought it could get dangerous. I stood back and let my husband, the pro handle it.

Upstairs I went to give my new baby a good clean and disinfectant. A good hour passed by and She was as "purdy" as she will ever be.

Into the room she went and out came all the craft supplies.
Organize! Organize! Organize! So much fun, I got it all to fit and now I can't stop thinking about the next Craft idea to tackle.

Jill, from This Life of Mine Blog, is going to be so happy to see I borrowed my Mama's Sewing Machine (Definition of Borrowed: Keeping for a long period of time until its Original Owners requires it back). Looks like our Crafting Project of Vintage Aprons will be sooner rather than later.

As for Craft Ideas, anyone have any suggestions??!!??
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Yours Truly

The newest addition to "The Craft Room" full of amazing "Bits and Bobs"

The Gorgeous Desk that my Husband bought me and Chair from my Mama and Papa - goes just perfectly! Oh yeah and the Fabulous Craigslist Chandelier (painted and beautified with hanging Crystals)

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