Monday, May 24, 2010

Home smells of Earl Grey Shortbread Cookies

...and I have yet to find a smell more sweet!

Thanks to Jillian from "This Life of Mine" Blog I made some of my heavenly Creamy Earl Grey Shortbread Cookies this morning. After her post about a "Make it & Bake it" Long Weekend - I decided I too needed a little TLB (Tender, Loving, Baking) in my life.

Having already eaten three warm cookies (fresh out the oven), I better wait until my husband gets home to devourer anymore. Its in my best interest - this I know!

I shall package some up to take into work tomorrow for my best, Katy and my Mama. I am sure they will appreciate this very much. They deserve some TLB too - I mean common they deal with me on a daily basis, this can't be an easy task.

Yours Truly

Sipping a little before I get started! That's my motto for EVERYTHING!

Measuring just perfectly!

I've made this recipe many-o-time but I still don't have it memorized! I guess I cant be both cute and full of brains right??!!??

In goes the Goodness, 1 tablespoon at a time!

Oh how I love my Mixer - let me count thy ways!

Onto wax paper she goes! Sorry plastic wrap doesn't make it into this house hold. I fight with it more than Lady Gaga Fights with her Stylist! What??!!?? You actually think someone agrees with her before she walks out the door?

Work of Art, just wish you could all smell it!

Never my favorite part of Cooking or Baking....Cleaning Up! BOO-URNS!
Where is Mr. Belvedere when you need him?

1 Hour has passed *insert jeopardy music here* and its time to cut 'em up!

While we wait...we eat!
We eat Strawberries that is!


Andrea said...

Okay, those cookies look quite TEAlicious! I hope that at some point in my life I will get to try one :)

LahTeaDah said...

I would be more than happy to share! However you have to sip on some of my Creamy Earl Grey in order to taste a cookie! Deal??!!??

Yours Truly

Jennifer Kirk Photography said...

BOOURNS for missing out on the cookies... will you save a couple for me?

LahTeaDah said...

Okay - how about this.

You MIGHT be getting an invitation in the mail momentarily.

It MIGHT be for a special someone's Birthday.

And MAYBE, just MAYBE I'll have some of these bad boys our for you!

Yours Truly

Anonymous said...

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