Thursday, May 27, 2010

I want a Tea Dress DAMN-IT !?!

So I have come to the conclusion that the reason I do not own a Dress to sip in the same excuse Lindsay Lohan used for not flying home to attend her court hearing....a obvious pile of crap that was made up on the whim, while intoxicated!

I need a Dress DAMN-IT!

So the decision is - do I buy it or do I design and make it myself.... Hmmmmm. My heart says make it, but my lack of patients says support ETSY!! Ha Ha - By the way my patients is quite good friends with my head and knows that I will always SUPPORT a cause!

I have been doing some research and not only have I come up with a brazillion ideas on what I want them to look like (yes that's right - Ive gone from needing one dress to many dresses), but I have also researched a new kind of Credit that never sends you a bill and lets you charge it up without having to pay it back! The Credit Card I am talking about it called a "Sugar Daddy" - usually aged, extremely unattractive and enjoys to talk in the third person.

So, back to the drawing board I go. LITERALLY!
Looks like I will be designing my own - and please note "do not hold your breath". I do not own a sewing machine so I have to beg, borrow and steal from my Mama day!

I will update you once I have taken the next step....buying the fabric! I shall leave you with some that I saw that I enjoyed!

Yours Truly


Jillian said...

oh how fun....i want a dress too DAMN IT!!! i think i totally need a tea dress....I like the first and the last dresses the best!

LahTeaDah said...

The first is my absolute Favorite too. Shall we add this to a Craft Night??? Should we wait until we have gone from Beginner Sewers to Advanced? Ha Ha NAH!!!!

Lets take it on!!

Yours Truly

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