Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I have entered Miss Sofia Marie in a Christmas Photo Contest and I would love for all your help in her first photo victory! My girl friend, Erika and I planned this shoot for quite sometime, however with illness, plans and many many other hiccups we couldn't get it done until the other day. However with all the little road bumps along the way, I'd say this was way worth the wait. Wouldn't you agree?

Now since I was a little late, we have 14 less days than everyone else who entered at the start of this competition. So to say the least, I have some lost time to make up for. The voting goes until January 6th, 2012 and at Midnight the photo with the MOST votes wins. Only 1 vote per person so I am banking on all of your to SHARE this link so that we can get the most people to vote. Simple as that!

I would love for your help in this win, PLEASE!


Monday, May 30, 2011

Giveaway Time - served with a side of TEA!

Com'mon over to my Blog Little Miss Mama and become a Follower - I have an upcoming Giveaway that you are all NOT going to want to miss... SERIOUSLY! Anyone and everyone who like Photos and Sharing them on a Coffee Table in a Super Fancy Coffee Table Book isn't not going to want to miss it. 

Totally secret for the time being, I can't say JUST what it is yet... but I promise you will not be disappointed!

The suspense is killing you isn't it... I'm not very good at keeping a Giveaway Secret! 

PS: really it's not going to kill you to come over to Little Miss Mama - your going to see everything you saw here at LahTeaDah...BUT MORE! Tea, Fashion, Reviews AND "me" acting like I know what I'm doing, eventually being a Mum... and my journey after Sofia is born loosing the Baby Fat! Seriously what could be more fun?

Yours Truly

Friday, May 13, 2011

Come find me.... I'd Love to have you over for Tea!

Hello Lovers.... 

Its been far far too long - however now with my goals and aspiration re-set I am back to say hello and plea to all 141 of you to come find me. With the exciting news our first baby on her {yes, you heard it right - we are having a lil girl} way in September I have given more thought to Blogging and what I want to achieve! I am going to do what I came here for, Blog about my Loves in Life - which have just increase to include Pregnant. 

I decided rather than splitting everything up into 3 or 4 Blogs {as I know I would pull my hair out trying to manage them all properly} to bring them all together as one happy family. 

You can now find me daily at Little Miss Mama {} spilling the beans all about New Tea's I'm Sipping, Celebrity Gossip, Fashion Finds and possibly Fashion Friday's {When I find things to fit this new body of mine} , My journey as a first-time-mama and of course life with a Growing Tummy!

You can still follow me on Twitter {@QueenEarlGrey}
You can also check out my Facebook Fan Page {Little Miss Mama}

Please do come pop by and become a follower - I sure worked hard to please you all here at LahTeaDah and hope to keep you all as friends at Little Miss Mama! I promise to bring Just as many Giveaways and just as many Tea/Fashion/Product Reviews... I PROMISE!

Hope to see/hear from you soon!

Yours Truly/Little Miss Mama/Tairalyn 

Saturday, March 05, 2011

and the WINNER is....

I wanna choose a winner... it's been killing me that time has slipped passed me and I have not been able to get on here to announce it, but after the winner was chosen - I knew today was the BEST day to do it. 

As I have made you all wait LONG LONG enough - without further ado the winner of Giveaway #4 is:

Lucky #9 is....... Carmen Z!!!

Carmen, you are the winner of a Grand-Oh Package of goodies including 2 Tea Tins from Boston Tea Company, A Eggplant Wristlet from Moi and a $30 Gift Certificate from PartyLite thank to Independent Sales Associate Jenn Ball.

Carmen, I will be shipping out your Winnings early next week and you should be able to enjoy them by the weekend! 

Thank you all who participated and get ready for another Giveaway VERY soon!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

I was Lost... but now I'm Found?!

I'm Here! I'm Here!

I betcha thought I was kid-napped by cute kittens that "Haz Cheezeburgers"? We can put that rumor to rest, I'm safe and sound and just been taking it easy. I have grand size dreams for LahTeaDah that are just getting underway as we speak, give me a few more weeks to get the kinks out and once the change has been made, your going to love me more than your Nana's Knit Mittens. I promise!

When I come back I have much to share, I have 5 Fabulous Tea's that I will be reviewing between Tipus Chai and The Persimmon Tree Tea Company, as well as the Winner to Giveaway #4 and great Guest Blog Posts reviewing Zhena's Gyspy Tea from my fellow creatively beautiful friend, Lisa Marie from High Tea for Alice

So, pretty much what I am saying is this delay in daily loveliness from me is only temporary and will be made up for when I get back. 

Thank you for being so patient with me. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Funnies

This Sunday I feel Feline Friendly.... Okay I'm lying I love Kitty Humor.... I know that makes me a Crazy Cat lady.... at least Im married and only own 1 Kitty!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Steamy Tuesday - Say What?!?!

{Image Credit:}

This Steamy Tuesday I thought it would be fun to tell you some interesting facts about Tea that you maynot have known before. Their is a lot ot know about Tea - and with so many false information out there about Tea vs. Coffee I thought I would share what I find most interesting about the Leaf. 

  • A cup of Black Tea has half the amount of caffeine than a cup of Coffee
  • A large amount of caffeine is released from Tea after the first 30 seconds of brewing. Dumping this content out and pouring new hot water is a neat trick for caffeine conscience Tea drinkers
  • All Tea {Black, White, Green and Oolong} come from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis
  • The Irish consume more Tea per capita than any other group in the world
  • The Tea bag was invented in the early 20th century by a tea merchant named Thomas Sullivan. Which was done by accident - in needs of transporting Tea Leaves without paying for expensive Metal Tins. When customers received their package they thought to brew it in the bag to save the mess. The Tea Bag was then invented
  • A cup of Tea may keep the dentist away, yes I said 'dentist'. This is because tea helps fight cavities
  • Don't throw that old Tea out! Instead try putting it in the refrigerator to help absorb odors, or use in your garden as fertilizer
  • It takes only 3 minutes of brewing time for the antioxidants in Tea to be released in your cup
  • 'Orange Pekoe' some people think is a type of Tea, but is really a grading of Tea
  • One cup of White Tea contains the same amount of antioxidants as 10 cups of Apple Juice
  • Although many Tea facts point to White and Green Teas as being the healthiest, a cup of Black or Oolong Tea proves just as good
  • To get rid of Puffy Eyes - Lie down and place either a moist Teabag or Tea Compress over both of your eyes and leave for about 20 minutes. Swelling around the eyes will disappear and your eyes will return to their former glory

Monday, January 17, 2011

Oh Boy! The Golden Globes....

So I watch the Golden Globes stickily for the Dresses.... and Johnny Depp... 

Seriously I don't watch many Movies that actually get nominated, as we all know my lust for Movies goes as far as Romantic Comedies featuring Adam Sandler, Ryan Reynolds and Jennifer Aniston.... and as far as daytime television goes - well again unless Jersey Shore got nominated for Best Poof or Fist Pumping Award, all the shows that got nominated were "French" to me. The only show I was routing for were Nurse Jackie and ..... Oh I watched Glee twice - so them too! Ha Ha

I recorded the Red Carpet which I will watch tonight but as far as the actual Awards went the Dresses were just Dazzling! Tons of LOVES and a few HATES.... Wanna see what I thought?

Not just because I love Sofia, she looks Stunning!
Curvy and Beautiful at its BEST! Even Mr. Depp agrees.... TeeHee 

Loving Emma's Simple Elegance... and this color is beyond smashing!  

Dislike her - love her gown. Was it cruel that I giggled when she almost slipped on stage ;)? 

This picture does this Dress no justice - and the necklace!?! Oh man.... just breathtaking

Love everything about this Dress - the Color, the Texture the Ruffles! 

I don't know what I love more, her Dress or her Hair. She is just gorgeous! 
Eat that Mr James!

The Dress is pretty don't get me wrong! But is it just me of did you see this gown featured as a 90's Prom Dress in "Seventeen"! 

Yuck! Just Yuck!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Funnies

This is where the name "Turtle Necks" was created

I don't know what I love better - the Images of the Handle. Soooo Funny!

Friday, January 14, 2011

DIY Shoe Accessory | Bow Tie Ankles

Was in some serious DIY mood one afternoon after the Christmas Holidays - it lead me to making these Shoe Accessories. When you have Tweed Fabric, Scrap Leather from an old Belt and Gold Chain.... in my world - the skies the limit. 

Enjoy the first DIY on the Blog - but defiantly not the last.... My whole life I have been DIY'ing I just normally dont take photos of my every step. Since this year, I'm all about dreaming and do'ing vs dreaming and dreaming - I got a quick start on my lazy resolution.

PS: My take on DIY is a bit different as my ideas change quite a bit on the process so what I start out doing is never what the final product looks like - so bare with the change of plans as the photos go on. For the most part I hope you can get inspiration from what I do - Im not very good and following rules. 

Take your Stiff Ribbon and Glue/Reserve Sticky inside your Steed Material

Folding over the edges to form 1 long Stiff Tweed Strip

Cut into 2 even strips - the last time I looked you had 2 ankles and not 1

Now create 2 circles out of the strips you just created - these will now be pinched in the center and made into a bow

I pinched the center by taking a Thread and Needle weaving in and out about 4cm apart so I could just simply pull the bottom and crimp it all together - forming a bow.

I took scrap leather from an old belt and covered the sewing to form a center point

I be-dazzled it with some scrap gold chain and a little charm that I found at a Vintage Shop

I then cut two strips from the Leather and attached the centers to the backside of the Bows - this would be what I will tie around my ankles. 

...and whala.... my Shoe Accessories!

I think they make a plain black pump - Fabulous!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Giveaway #4 | 100 Follower Goal

I promised.... you came through.... and now so did I.

I promised a Giveaway at 100 Followers and as it stands today at 123 I think we are making some serious headway - maybe even a difference in the world combining both Tea and Fashion... Just Maybe!

So Giveaway #4 is going to be the perfect combination between Tea, Fashion and Relaxation. 3 of my top priorities on a daily basis. Myself along with Boston Tea Company and Jenn Ball an Independent Consultant with Partlite are please to announce this Fabulous basket-oh-goodies!

This Giveaway is for:

1 - 4.7oz Bombay Chai Black Tea Tin | worth $13.99 - but sold out at the moment
1 - 3.8oz Vanilla Almond Oolong Tea Tin | worth $13.99
1 - Wristlet {in Eggplant}
1 - Partylite Gift Certificate | worth $30.00

Here is how to enter:

1. You must be a follower of the LahTeaDah Blog

Bonus Entries: 

* Receive 1 extra entry for becoming a Facebook Friend of Me {add here}
* Receive 1 extra entry for being a Fan of Jenn Ball's Facebook Partylite Site {add here}

* Receive 1 extra entry for following LahTeaDah on Twitter {add me here}
* Receive 1 extra entry for being a Fan of Boston Tea Company on Facebook {add here}
Giveaway Guidelines:

1. Open only to Canadians {Sorry Ladies, Partylite is only available in Canada - I promise the next one will be for everyone}
2. Giveaway Deadline is January 31st, 2011 at midnight PST
3. Ensure you comment individually for each entry below {as I will count them per comment}

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

...and the Winner is....

The Giveaway ended yesterday at 12:00pm PST ... with last minute entries it came very close to the wire! I'm very excited to announce the WINNER:

Number 40  | J'Anns Boutique

Again as some of you didn't quite read the instructions I had to create an excel spread sheet to figure out how many entries each of you got. Those who did it correctly. THANK YOU and those who did now... Lets hope you will take note and save me the extra tedious time spent next time :)

Thanks everyone who entered.... and I think I owe you another GIVEAWAY this week. My 100 Follower Goal. Let me tell you this one is a BOOZY - If you like Tea, Candles and Fashion well then this one just MIGHT be for you. Watch out for it!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Steamy Tuesday - Lady Gaga CelebriTEA Edition

Even if you are not a fan of the "Lady" herself you can appreciate both things that she loves. Tea and Fashion. She struts by the sound of her own beat, all while taking dainty sips from her favorite vintage tea cups. Who needs a "Starbucks to go" cup when you can walk down the streets holding a Tea Cup worth more than the shoes your wearing! Now thats my kinda girl!

I think its quite obvious that I am quite a lover of the Gaga and this would be why she is today's Steamy Tuesday CelebiTEA.... an ode to her love for the Leaf and creating Styles with every outfit she wears. 

Lady Gaga has said to be in working on a contract with the well-known Tea Brand Twinings in designing her own Tea Line. A source claimed Twinings' idea is "to have tasting sessions in which she would participate. ... They want to market Tea to a new, younger generation -- and Gaga is making drinking tea cool again." Its too bad I was never told that Tea was ever uncool.... My Nana is going to be very disappointed we didn't get the memo!

I find this source to be very strange and a little upsetting. Seriously someone would actually start drinking Tea on a daily basis just because a Celebrity did? Do people really do this... please tell me its not that they do it to be like her, but because she inspires them to try something new and they end up falling in love with it? Their isn't really people out there that force Tea down there throats because someone they idolize does? Weird!

“Her management have received a load of offers from major Tea Companies, but Twinings are the frontrunners,” a source says. “They want to launch a new tea with her face on it. Names like the Taste Of Gaga are being batted about."

I realize why she may have chosen a company such as Twinings {due to its longevity in the Tea Market and Popularity down the aisle} however to be perfectly honest with you we all know there is better Tea out there, why not choose one of them? Twinings is very commercial, I know this - but seriously a true Tea Lovers will know that if given a choice between a bagged Grocery Tea Brand and a Specialty Loose Tea Leaf Company the decision is simple really. With so many options out there I sorta wished I had seen her go out on the edge like she does in everything else she does and choose a company such as Boston Tea Company or DAVIDsTEA.

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