Sunday, October 31, 2010

48HR REMINDER: Fashion & Tea Giveaway

Just a reminder to you all!

You have 48 hours to enter my Giveaway for a Boston Tea Company Gift Certificate and Joe Fresh Jewelry. Who wouldn't want that!? If you have not already entered, now's your chance! Become a follower, if your not already and join in on the fun!

Contest Details HERE!

Yours Truly

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Good Morning Everyone! This is going to be a SHORT and SWEET Post...encouraging you all to take 2 seconds for you Cozy Autumn Weekend to Vote for me. I have been chosen to be apart of a Fall Fashion Contest. One of my entries was chosen along with 11 other contestants and I desperately NEED your help!

Click here and make your way over to "Little Girl Big Closet" .....I'm Outfit#4 and lets be honest if I win...I think it puts to rest the fact of mixing leopard and lace is a very very good thing!

Get your vote on please!

Yours Truly

Friday, October 29, 2010

Fashion Friday: Geek Chic

Steve Urkal, Carlton Banks and Screech ain't got nothing on me. The "Geek-Chic" Fashion Statement that we have all grown to LOVE or HATE has made it way to my wardrobe.  I won't lie, when I first saw this on Brittany Spears I thought she was heading on another one of her trips to the padded room, however I will be the first to confess that this trend has grown on me over time. 

I bring you today an outfit that not only mixes colors, textures and comfort zones, but combines a lot of things I vowed I would never wear {for no particular reason, other than thinking I couldn't pull it off}. Whether its a hit or miss is really not a concern of mine, as I like it. I feel cute in it and thats really all that matter when it comes to Fashion. As long as you feel good on the inside, then what opinions are lurking around us mean as much as the pavement we walk on {nothing}!

These glasses are a trial pair that were gifted to me by a fellow Fashionista {CrystalJoy} and my REAL pair should be coming in the mail within the next week which I have purchased online {thank you ebay}. 

Yours Truly

{didn't get to pose w/ the purse on the shoot, so I had the husband do another shot at home}


Shirt | Forever21 {purchased ages ago}
Vest | Reitmans {purchased ages ago}
Skirt | Target {purchased for $16.99 - buy it here}
Tights | Charlotte Russe {purchased for $7.50 - no longer online but similar here}
Socks | WestCoast Womens Show {purchased for $3.00}
Shoes | {purchased for $5.00}
Purse | Vintage Shop - Fendi {purchased for $10.00}

**do I know if it's real, no... but everything about it says YES!**
Necklace | Charlotte Russe {not for sale online}

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Try-This-On {Thursday}

{CrystalJoy....remember this face, your going to be begging this girl for incite on her latest line}

Try-This-On Thursday is all about playing dress-up. We were to choose an outfit for one another that we felt suited them just perfectly. I knew that I would base my Styles for Crystal on an Alexander McQueen Purse. This is one of her absolute favorite designers and the moment I saw this purse I thought of her. 

Crystal is well on her way to working with the high rollers of New York. Her fashion sense is way superior than anyone I know. Comes to work in a Tube Dress made into a High-Waisted Pencil Skirt.....a over-sized Scarf, belted made into a one-of-a-kind Shirt.... seriously this girl makes fashion trends daily without even trying, I will one day grow up with her passion and open-mind {the more time I can manage to spend with her} . She doesn't know this {until now} but she is the one who inspires me daily to keep this Fashion Blog strong. In the near future she will be strutting down the streets of New York, calling the shots for her next fashion show, on the phone to me.... making sure it all happens. She has deemed me her Assistant in Crime... and I will gladly accept!

Yours Truly

Tartan Print Top | 239 GBP
Balmain Leather skinny pants | $5,020
United Nude ‘Iris’ Shoe | Browns Fashion | 750 GBP
Paris Hilton Bonita - Black Patent $85
Alexander McQueen - 236715CDG5O (Black/Gunmetal) - Bags and Luggage | $1,599
Alexander McQueen - 254007J160G Bangle Skulls (Antiqued Gold)  | $560
knuckle skull ring | 275 GBP
Statement Rose Bib Necklace | 20 GBP

Here is what Little Miss CrystalJoy made for moi!

CrystalJoy says: Look of my choice - styled two ways. One for work, the other for perhaps dinner after work. Styled for - My co-worker Tairalyn. She has the most awesome personality & really gets things done and would make the most awesome assistant. I created a look that she could be proud to wear in our meetings as well as enjoy after work cocktails with the design team

T, hope you like it! 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tea Tasting: Autumn Harvest

Tea Company: Boston Tea Company

NameAutumn Harvest

{Like a harvest supper made with farm-fresh produce, this red tea serves up a bountiful cup of rich Fall flavors! With each sip, you ll lick your lips from the wondrous flavors of lemongrass, apple pieces, fragrant cinnamon, and rosehips, creating a tart and spicy blend of South African red rooibos.}

Type: Rooibos

Tea Tasting Location: Home...Work....Home {sipped last night, loved so much took it to work and sipped again with my ladies....then home to have a third and final sip before the posting}

Tea Accompaniments: All 3 Locations I used a splash of Cream and 2 scoops of Sugar

Leave Rating: 4.5
5 for the best and 1 for the worst

Liquor Color: A Beautiful Amber Tone with Watery Golden Edges. 

Aroma: "Autumn Harvest" was the perfect name for this Rooibos. Apples, Lemongrass, Cinnamon and Ginger is exactly what I got at first sniff. It took both me, my husband and my office co-workers back with its fall-inspired aromas. If I could wrap the Autumn Season into a Tea Bag - this one would take the cake. 

Taste: The Apple flavoring stood out to me with soft, yet striking under-tones of the citrus'y Lemongrass and bitter-sweet Cinnamon. Absolutely perfect for the rainy, grey weather that we have been having the past week. This Tea would be perfect with or without Cream and Sugar as I believe the Apple made the Tea sweet enough. 

This Tea is a definite must for the Cold, and Drowsy Fall Evenings...It warms the body all the way to your soul.  Thank you Boston Tea Company for once again making a Tea that not only puts me into a comfy-coma...but also warming my soul! 

Yours Truly

SugarDaddy Wednesday

SugarDaddy Wednesday

Sugar-Daddy Wednesday is all about having absolutely no budget, no conscience and of course no looking back! This weeks Sugar-Daddy Wednesday was all about the Feet. Boots, Pumps, Flats and of course the sitting only Shoes that you just have to have!

Go ahead! Have your own Sugar-Daddy Wednesday... What would you buy if someone else was happily flipping the bill?

Yours Truly

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Take-Me-Away-Tuesday {Greece, Crete}

{Greece, Crete}

"Take-Me-Away" Tuesday: We {crystal & I} send one another someplace far far away {or not so far} to either bask in the sun or curl up by the fire. We then choose the city along with a desired local hotspot {IE: Night-Club, Shopping District, Spa, Restaurant, etc.}. We choose an outfit to wear while we are on our faux-vacation.

This little project for Tuesday's is to help with our Winter Blues and of course out empty pockets. Who needs to travel when you have an imagination.... and Polyvore!

Yours Truly

Country: Greece
City: Crete
HotSpot: A local eatery. Owned and Operated by the Astionopolois Family. My husband and I visited there almost every evening for Fresh Baked Baklava... best in town!
Outfit Cost: $3,346

Monday, October 25, 2010

Fairmont Vancouver | High Tea with the Ladies

On Sunday, myself, Mama Dukes, and 2 Sisters went for Afternoon Tea at The Fairmont Vancouver. Naturally, we all had a great time - however I sometimes wonder if maybe I enjoy it all a "little" too much? I can't get enough! The High-back Arm Chairs, the ridiculously heavy Silver Tea Pots, the Gold, Blush and Paisley Crowned Teacup, and of course the Maitre'd wearing his Burberry Tie which is accompanied perfectly with his pushed up Nose and ever so High Brow.

Is it bad that I get goosebumps when I talk about it?!?

The Tea was Tranquil, The Food was Fancy and The Service was Spectacular. I will however end by saying that even though it was The Fairmont - it comes nothing in comparison to The Fairmont Empress in Victoria, British Columbia. Nothing will ever touch the Service that we got from our Maitre'd, Ray. Nothing! 

Oh...and did I tell you...I'm going again this Saturday? I told you, I can't get enough!

Yours Truly

{I ordered the 1907 Centennial happy I tore away from the traditional...Mr Grey}

{Honestly, their is nothing better than a warm Scone with Devonshire Cream and Jam}

{Jennyfer, Shanalisa, Me and Mama Dukes}

No. 1 {Make it work Monday}

Make it work Monday | No1

A Girlfriend and I decided that we would give ourselves a little extra encouragement to wake-up on Mondays and came up with a weekly post Idea for "Make it work Monday's.

On Friday we will give each other1 item to be styled into an outfit. We are to choose who we would style it for and where the inspiration came from.

Today is our first day - and we are ever so excited to share this even with you all....Please leave comments and let us know what you think? Would we be able to make it in Hollywood as a Stylist to the Stars?

Check out Crystal Joy's Outfit at her Polyvore Account {click here}.

Yours Truly

Friday, October 22, 2010

Fashion Friday: Lace, Leopard & Linen - Oh My!

Today was a little nerve racking for me to say the least. Instead of ensuring my outfit matched completey....shades, textures and styles... I went ahead and colored outside the lines. I pulled my outfit together last night as Sammy doesnt work on Friday's and I didnt want to wake him that early to choose an outfit {as we all know this something can be quite a task}. Laying it out last night, didnt help any as I couldnt wrap my head around the concept of not matching. Grey Lace, Black Pencil Skirt, Linen Bomber Style Jacket and Leopard Tights... It really sounds like a mish-mash of signature pieces, however I asked the husband what he thought this morning before I darted out the door and he said ... Oh La La, I loves its. So, I walk with a swagger today as I know that even though Im wearing a whole lotta smish.... my husband will always wanna "smush" {thanks jersey shore for making the word do damn classy}.

Yours Truly

{Say hello to Remy, this is my best friend Katy's Dog....she joined me on the first part of my Fashion Friday...distractions of Loud Traffic, Luscious Grass and Mum taking pictures didn't enable us to get her cute little face}

{...and I'm outta here...}

Lace Shirt | Charlotte Russe {purchased for $10.00 - buy it here}
Under Shirt | LaChateau {purchased ages ago - forgot how much}
Skirt | Charlotte Russe {purchsed for $10.00 - buy it here}
Tights | Charlotte Russe {purchased for $7.50 - buy it here}
Jacket | H&M {purchased for $5.00 on sale from $69.00}
Shoes | Charlotte Russe {purchased for $5.00}
Purse | Nine West {purchased for $39.00; at Nine West Outlet in Hawaii}
Earing & Ring | Charlotte Russe {purchased 2 for $8.00}
Bangle | LaChateau {purchased ages ago with the Undershirt - forgot how much}


Step 1: Rinsed with Hot Water
Step 2: Conditioned with Pantene Pro-V Conditioner
Step 3: Rinsed with COLD Water {as I have mentioned before, this seals in all the goodness}
Step 4: Towel Dry and "finger" comb through Pantene Pro-V Conditioner {same as what I used in the shower}
Step 5: Air Dry

*I will sometimes use the same conditioner in the shower that I will to style it. I find that Pantene is the perfect weight to keep my hair from drying and FUZZING into an Afro. So its my go to Conditioner for Leave-In and Wash out no doubt. Unless someone shows me otherwise I will always use this product.

ModCloth - I love you!

So I stumbled across a few items today at ModCloth that I just couldn't help but post a mini. Seriously, could drinking Tea get much funner {I know, I know, not a word - bit me} with these sets? I think my favorite would have to be the Thirsty Neko Tea Set. My Goodness....Is ModCloth single? I would be willing to forgo my other half if they were single and ready to mingle!?

ModCloth...I love you!

Yours Truly

{Thirsty Neko Tea Set | $47.99 | buy it here}

{Tea-total-er Service Set | $37.99 | buy it here}

{Saint Tea-tersburg Tea Set | $54.99 | buy it here}

Thursday, October 21, 2010

JoeFresh Fashion Show | 10.20.10

Last night was EPIC in my household.

I called my husband from work to let him know he'd need to open up the link I sent him by e-mail right away so that the JoeFresh Live Stream could download properly {as I wasn't sure if I waited until the last minute would the connection be slow and congested for me}. I rushed home from work arriving in the door at 6 minutes after 6pm to my husband cooking dinner while trying to fiddle with the laptop as he couldn't see anything on the Fashion Show Link, as he has a minor heart attack. {Seriously, could I ever dream up a better husband? I think not!}

Once he finally got it to work for me, I set myself up on the Kitchen Island to watch, all while I made us a little salad {lettuce, carrots, apple and bocconcini - random combo - but oh so good}. So let me paint a picture for you all, Sammy is cooking Fried Rice on the stove and grilling 5-Spice Chicken Thighs in the oven while I'm as the Island making our "whatever we have left in the Fruit and Vegetable drawers" leafy side, as the laptop blares some sorta techno Indian beat as the pre-show excitement. 

Once in a lifetime...Once in a lifetime!

Thanks to my husband and his grando-oh patients he has with me {most of the time}, I got some Fabulous photos from the new line coming to us all by JoeFresh and I couldn't wait to share it all with you! The line is full of Texture, Frills, Sequins, Whites and Wedges...I can't wait to see it when it hits stores!

What do you all think or the Line? Was it a HIT or MISS?

 {White on White.... I like...however please let me say this now, just because its a Trend does NOT mean you can sport it while a Guest at a Wedding...I say this cuz I've seen it}

 {I'm drooling over the frills on this shirt...!}

 {love the crest on her shoulder, however I don't see this making an appearance in my closet...unless I get a reduction anytime soon...I like how the size of your chest can bring an outfit some class to ass in 2.5 seconds}

 {I love, love, love this bow. I couldn't tell if it was apart of the jacket or an addition... either way it will soon be seen in my closet
 {Sequins I a fan...not so much....but that's just my opinion}
 {missed this one, but the shirt to the right was GORGEOUS, I promise}

 {Loving the big buttons and bow on this skirt...sorta looks of a trench without the top half...I'm adoring the idea of this skirt paired with Chocolate Cable-Knitt Tights and a Mustard Pump for fall}

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