Thursday, October 14, 2010

Is it just me?

Is it just me or do these boots need to show up on my doorstep ASAP? I cry for these boots...and thanks to Miss Ife who just posted her Shoe Du Jour this morning on her blog, she has my spending all my time online shoe shopping my little heart out.

Ahhhh ... why oh why do Boots have to be so dang cute? Why...tell me! Looks like I added another to the "always increasing" shopping list for this weekend across the line.

Tairalyn's Fall Shopping List +1
Sammy's Credit Card Statement -6,458

What is your favorite shoe at Alloy?

Yours Truly


Diana Mieczan said...

hahah those are really beautiful:) kisses,sweetie

Natalie Suarez said...

cute! i used to love shopping alloy :)

LahTeaDah said...

Glad we see eye to eye miss Diana! TeeHee

Natalie, you "used to love shopping alloy" - do you know something we don't know???

Yours Truly

Ife' said...

hehe~ those are cute! I have a backlog of shoe du jour posts... i swear everytime I visit the site, I see something new that I like. Lol!

aanjsmom said...

I can't wear would look like I'm trying too hard.....I CAN however , window shop like the best of them!!!! : )

LahTeaDah said...

Its all in your head "aanjsmom" ... I say sport 'em if you like 'em!

Yours Truly

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