Thursday, October 28, 2010

Try-This-On {Thursday}

{CrystalJoy....remember this face, your going to be begging this girl for incite on her latest line}

Try-This-On Thursday is all about playing dress-up. We were to choose an outfit for one another that we felt suited them just perfectly. I knew that I would base my Styles for Crystal on an Alexander McQueen Purse. This is one of her absolute favorite designers and the moment I saw this purse I thought of her. 

Crystal is well on her way to working with the high rollers of New York. Her fashion sense is way superior than anyone I know. Comes to work in a Tube Dress made into a High-Waisted Pencil Skirt.....a over-sized Scarf, belted made into a one-of-a-kind Shirt.... seriously this girl makes fashion trends daily without even trying, I will one day grow up with her passion and open-mind {the more time I can manage to spend with her} . She doesn't know this {until now} but she is the one who inspires me daily to keep this Fashion Blog strong. In the near future she will be strutting down the streets of New York, calling the shots for her next fashion show, on the phone to me.... making sure it all happens. She has deemed me her Assistant in Crime... and I will gladly accept!

Yours Truly

Tartan Print Top | 239 GBP
Balmain Leather skinny pants | $5,020
United Nude ‘Iris’ Shoe | Browns Fashion | 750 GBP
Paris Hilton Bonita - Black Patent $85
Alexander McQueen - 236715CDG5O (Black/Gunmetal) - Bags and Luggage | $1,599
Alexander McQueen - 254007J160G Bangle Skulls (Antiqued Gold)  | $560
knuckle skull ring | 275 GBP
Statement Rose Bib Necklace | 20 GBP

Here is what Little Miss CrystalJoy made for moi!

CrystalJoy says: Look of my choice - styled two ways. One for work, the other for perhaps dinner after work. Styled for - My co-worker Tairalyn. She has the most awesome personality & really gets things done and would make the most awesome assistant. I created a look that she could be proud to wear in our meetings as well as enjoy after work cocktails with the design team

T, hope you like it! 


Ife' said...

okay, Crystal is gorgeous... seriously!

CrystalJoy said...

*blushes* thanks, lfe!
i love love that rick owens top so much & you know i'd definitely give those iris boots a try!
tairalyn, you need to put up the set i made for you! ♥

LahTeaDah said...

Its REVISED now... so come take a look Ladies see if what Crystal did was good enough to be put on thos BO-DAY!

Yours Truly

Katrina said...

LOVING THIS BLOG! Thanks for sharing your link with me gorgeous! :)

*I'm a new follower*

Lady Lipstick said...

Hey girl! Thank yo so much for stopping by my blog!! You are too sweet!
I am loving your blog too esp the name!! I have been obsessed with drinking tea ever since my hubs and I went to London last month. I mean I drink it everyday now!!
Lovely post too! I wish I had that red print top with bow! SO HOT!
And I want some leather pants too, but I am still on the hunt for now.
Have a great weekend!!



Love this post!!! And love your blog! So happy that you stopped by mine & introduced me to yours. I look forward to following along :)

Have a wonderful weeekend!

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