Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tea Tasting: Pure Chai

Tea Company: DAVIDsTEA

Name: Pure Chai

{this pressed pu'erh is only lightly oxidized so you'll be excused for thinking that it looks and tastes more like a pan-fried green tea. Plus its interwoven with fragrant chrysanthemum petals, so a floral sweetness dilutes its characteristic pu'erh earthiness. Just holding it will make you think of chirping birds, sunny days and bubbling flowers. Steep each nest up to 5 minutes. Low in caffeine}

Type: Black  | Pu'erh

Tea Tasting Location: Kitchen Island {wait...wait...wait....I have a great excuse for the luxurious location...I was watching the JoeFresh Fashion Show which required a hard surface for note taking}

Tea Accompaniments: A splash of Milk and two cubes of Sugar

Leave Rating: 4.6
5 for the best and 1 for the worst

Liquor Color: Chestnut Brown with a watery rim of Golden in a cup!

Aroma: Cloves, cloves and more cloves. A very Crisp, Bold and comforting aroma of mixed Fall Spices.

Taste: I got a soft hint of Cloves at first sip. Followed by the smooth, comforting and Autumn flavors of a traditional Chai Tea. This Chai however, had fabulous floral notes, which is the first I have tasted in a Chai. I am assuming this is why I can't help but call this Chai "Soft". 

I believe it's near impossible to ever get "tired" of this Tea. It's one of my signature blends that I think can sit on the shelf all year round... bringing you straight to a crispy cozy fall night on one of those lousy wet winter days. Great Job DAVIDsTEA for doing it again... making my heart skip a beat at first sip.

Yours Truly  

{1st the Sugar...2nd the Cream...3rd the Steeped Tea} 

{More Please....}


Jodi said...

Oh this tea sounds amazing and I LOVE Chai tea!!

love your pics too.. the pink tea cup is cute!!

LahTeaDah said...

Thanks Miss Jodi! It sure did warm me up on this nippy weather we are having tonight... you too? Over there in Victoria?

This was my very first Vintage Cup... believe it or not purchased in your city while I was in town having Tea with the Queen :)

HEY - dont you forget to enter my Contest!

Yours Truly

Kat said...

Ha ha ha! Totally read this while I was drinking Chai :)

Thanks for the comment and following. Can't wait to read more!

xoxo, kat

aanjsmom said...

I really must take pictures of my cups. (not my boob cups...that would be in poor taste and stupid.) my tea cups..... you have a BEAUTIFUL set! ( oh, ummmm, the tea cups. )
* sigh*

Andraea Lynne said...

Pure Chai is my boyfriend's favourite tea :)

But I'm not sure what's with the labelling on your package of it... it's not a pressed tea. Or a pu'erh. At all.

It's a traditional black tea.

"If you want a straightforward, traditional chai, this is the blend for you. It's a simple, perfectly balanced combination of Indian black tea, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. Delicious when brewed on its own, and even more delicious when simmered in steaming hot milk on the stove. Why overcomplicate things?"

mommara said...

Yumm, you know I have never had tea like that and put it in the bag. How fun! I am going to learn so much here. lol I guess my buying the Celestial Seasonings brands at the grocery store are no more. Hmm

LahTeaDah said...

Hey Ladies... thanks for all the lovely comments! WOW!

Kat: Thats way too funny. Looks like your going to have to steep another cup, and really savor the taste... you might just need to upgrade to a DAVIDsTEA Blend... Or maybe add to your Tea Cupboard.

aanjsmom: You never fail to make me giggle. Glad we clarified what CUP we were talking about. I think you need to pull 'em out {your tea cups} and take some pictures!!!

Andraea Lynne: Everyones take on a Chai is different. However when I first smelt the aroma from a Chai I almost thought I would pretend I never recieved the sample as I was afraid to give a bad review. You never know at first sight {smell} what you are getting into - I suggest a try of the Pure Chai from DAVIDsTEA... maybe not be too far from your Traditional that you and your BF are used too!

mommara: The Tea Bags I have are awesome and so incredibly cheat. For about 50 of them I pay about $3 at most. I wouldn't ever tell someone to not buy a store brand, but if you happen to try a Loose Tea from say DAVIDsTEA or Boston Tea Company or Art of Tea you might just never go back ;)

Yours Truly

Annie Lapointe said...

Hi! I work at Chicoutimi's David's tea and I juste love your blog. But... the label is really the one of chrystaneum pu-erh, not pure chai. There must have been a mixup

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