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{I'd love to hear from you, Honest! Do you have a questions about Tea, Fashion, DIY Projects...anything really... Don't be shy, I wanna hear from you DAMN IT!} 

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{Come follow me on Twitter, Ill keep you up to date on the latest and greatest... or maybe just how upset I am that upon attempting to purchase a pair of shoes they don't have my size....or maybe upon steeping my favorite cup of Tea I find that I'm out of Cream... Ah! The whoa's of my life... they're tragic I tell you!}

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{Couture meets Camellia Sinensis ....I bring you Vintage Tea Cups {that maybe... just maybe were sipped from by someone that gives meaning to the word Fancy}, Vintage Purses and both hand-made designer and previously loved Accessories. Now not only will nana finally approve of your online purchases but she will also approve of those pearl infused accessories yours flashing!}

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