Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 New Years Resolutions

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I have been compiling all the little things in life that seems to be getting away on me. I like nothing more than waiting until a New Year begins and starting a New Resolution List all over. However this year its a little different, what was written in my diary in the past, is now on my blog, online for all to see and hold me to. 


I want to make some honest changes in my life. Changes to my Blog, changes to better my Health, and some for Wealth, but most of all for my husband and mines sanity. 

2011 is going to be one for the record books Ladies and Gents... I can feel it! Let's pledge that we will stick to {at least one of} our New Years Resolution Lists! Is that a deal? Do I hear a "amen"? I can't hear I hear I Hell-Yeah?

2011 New Years Resolutions

1. Join a 30 by 30 Remix 
{I have been toying with this for way too long, time to grab the bull by the...}

2. Drink more Water
{I am horrible at the consumption of H20 that hasn't been steeped with a Tea Bag. I will make great effort to at least have 8 Glasses a day}

3. Date Night with the Husband 
{Sammy and I are very good at letting life get away on us, slipping into a repetitive schedule. Its time we bring back some good old Fancy-Date-Nights. You know what that means... New Outfits needed!}

4. Slow Down
{I tend to always be looking ahead and not living or relishing in lifes little moments. So here's to me talking a deep breath, a step back, and enjoy now, not what's on its way}

5. Stop the Yo-Yo Weight
{I have dropped 10lbs and gained it back. Dropped 20lbs and gained most of it back, its time I loose the weight and keep it off with not going back to my "penny-candy" ways and grab a carrot stick instead of a Pixie Stick

What's your resolutions people?!
I ask that you post your Fab-List on your Blog or Facebook, and lets make ourselves all accountable. Let's make 2011 a year we will all remember!

Yours Truly 

Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 in Review | What a Year!

What started for mere shitz and giggles has become so much more. For anyone who knows me well {mostly family} will know my desires for this Blog are grand, as everything in my life is. What has happened from May until now is complete shock! Over 20 Tea Reviews and 15 Fashion Fridays.... and better yet 110 people that actually care what I am doing. 

A big thanks to Boston Tea Company, Teatulia, Art of Tea, DAVIDsTEAAffordable Scarves & Shock Boutique for being so generous to me in 2010!

I have so much more in store for you guys in the New Year from Steamy Tuesdays {hot off the press Tea and Fashion news} to Sunday Funnies {fashion mishaps and "are you serious" Tea Images} and of course MORE Fashion Posts and Tea Reviews.... its going to be a blast! 2010 has treated me well, but I have high hopes for 2011 including a trip to Las Vegas for my first Fashion Blogger Meet-Up, topping my list. 

To a year ahead of us, filled with perfectly steeped tea and brilliantly paired style....

Yours Truly

2010 Fashion Fridays

2010 Tea Reviews

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

GIVEAWAY #3 | Add a little SPARKLE to your life


Another Giveaway... so unexpected right? I know! I was just as stunned as you all!
Runway Rundown contacted me, wanting to collaborate on a Giveaway and I couldn't say no... 

Runway Rundown is a Site all about Chic Runway Fashion at an Affordable "everyday price". Seriously do I need to explain anymore!

Even though extravagance is out, you can still look fabulous without breaking the bank. is a free online resource for the fashionista in all of us. This daily fashion blog spots the hottest trends around the world and then, builds the same look for less! And, finding your fashion passion is easy on Runway Rundown. You can search by season, designer, color, material or trend. When you're ready to rock your new look, Runway Rundown links you directly to the discounts!

I know... right now your thinking "What?!? Where have they been my whole life?" - Let's just put that all behind us in 2010 and kick-off 2011 loving them and using their knowledge to the ut-most, by purchasing Runway Styles for Affordable Prices! 

Today's Giveaway, we shall call Ode-To-Gossip-Girl.... How much fun is this! 

For 5 days, Runway Rundown and Daily Accessory is hosting a Giveaway on 5 different Fashion Blogs {today being me}, giving away a piece of jewelery, inspired by an Actress on Gossip Girl. 

So today, its all about Jenny Humphrey, the Punk'd Beauty herself and what she might Rock on the Red Carpet.

So for those of you who didn't get the 2 Carat Diamonds Earrings you asked for in your Stocking this year {Bah-Hum-Bug} then this is the Giveaway for you. And if I may, conclude this GIVEAWAY with what I wished I had seen in my stocking this year from Daily Accessory Rockin, Peacock Earrings, Super Lady, Bella Necklace and Sarang Necklace.

Win this Sudara Ring retailing at $36.00

Here is how to enter:

1. You must be a follower of the LahTeaDah Blog
2. You must become a Fan of Runway Rundown as well as LahTeaDah on Facebook 
*the above, gives you 1 Entry

Bonus Entries: 

* Receive 1 extra entry for becoming a Fan of Daily Accessories {add them here}
* Receive 1 extra entry for blogging about this Giveaway
* Receive 5 extra entries for signing up for Runway Rundown {link to sign up here}
* Receive 1 extra entry for following LahTeaDah on Twitter {add me here}
* Receive 1 extra entry for tweeting about this Giveaway 

Giveaway Guidelines:

1. Open to all Canadian, US and International Residents

2. Giveaway Deadline is January 11th, 2010 at midnight PST

3. Ensure you comment individually for each entry below {as I will count them per comment}

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas & Happy Shopping Day

{Our Christmas Tree}

Short but Sweet... I wanted to come say hello... share a few Eve & Christmas Photos as well as tell you just how excited I was for today to come. Boxing Day {in Canada}, also better know as my ultimate favorite day of the year. I woke up fairly early, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher for the 8th time in the past 48 hours and did some laundry {my chores for the day - to feel no so guilty that I'm going to shop while my husband is at work}.  

I went in with 2 things in mind Fold-Over Yoga Pants and a New Years Outfit. Got 'em both plus a few other tid-bits. Now I'm back home and online shopping my little heart out. I think just a few more things and I will be set to step into 2011 in some serious style!

Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas & have some Deliciously Fabulous plans for New Years!

PS: Just cuz I'm wishing you a Happy New Year DOES NOT mean I wont be back until then! I highly suggest you come back on the 29th when I will be hosting a week-long Giveaway with Runway Rundown and then come back again on the 30th for my New Years Resolutions List.... You know, the list we love to make and forget about come February! Woo Hoo

Yours Truly

{Christmas Eve at Mum's House}

{Christmas Eve Crab-Fest.... My Sister & Papa}

{Christmas Day at My House}

{Mum loving her Boots that we bought her}

{The sister-in-law loving her Purse that we bought her}

{Christmas Eve Breakfast - Gluten Free Egg, Brie and Crab Bake}

{Sammy loving his Biggest-Fear Help.... a Ladder Secure..... He might be a little afraid of heights}

{Lynx enjoying her gift from Nana & Papa - no kids yet from us, so they will have to buy for the pets}

{Breakfast Bake is READY!}

{Christmas Dinner - Prime Rib Roast marinated with Rosemary, Figs and Prosciutto}

{and.... if you have ever wondered where I got my smile from, this might help answer that}

Monday, December 20, 2010

200 Followers Goal

Just like my 100 Followers Goal... but way Different!

As soon as we reach 200 Followers I will once again host another Fab Giveaway... and at the rate that we have been going, this shouldn't take any time at all. 
{this isn't to say I wont have a ton of Giveaways in between by some Brilliant Sponsors, this just means I won't be putting on a Grand-Oh-Bad-Ass Tea with a little side of Fashion Giveaway until then} 

Friday, December 17, 2010

Fashion Friday: Vintage from within the Family

A good 6 or 7 months ago, my Nana Carmen {as seen busting a move here} gave me a cape that she had owned. She asked I put it to good use and mentioned she could not foresee herself wearing it again however thinks I would really enjoy it. Of course I didn't put up a fight, I had so many idea's on how I could work it into my daily life and of course my Fashion Posts. I made a few changes to it by cutting off all the tassels hanging at the bottom and I did think about changing its buttons, however I have yet to find anything I feel suitable. So for now, she stays this way....basking in her vintage glory.

Now not only do I have my love/passion/obsession for Tea to thank my Nana for, but my Fashion now too! 

On a side note: Sorry about the photo locations lately. But by the time I get off of work, its horror-movie-dark outside, and for my safety, and of course my photographer - its just best we do it indoors. 

Stay tuned on Monday for a Review on my Skirt {which I am wearing in this post} from Shock Boutique.

Yours Truly

{....let me leave you all with this montage... I call it "they should have never taught me how to use the automatic-photo setting" Shots}


Shirt LeChateau {purchased ages ago - forgot how much}
Cape | Vintage
Skirt | Shock Boutique - Maxi Skirt {purchased for $30.00; buy it here}
Shoes | Charlotte Russe {purchased for $5.00}
Belt | Fred Meyer {not sold online; purchased for $12.00}
Necklace | Gift
Bracelets | Charlotte Russe {no longer for sale online; but similar here}

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Beyond the Rack | Purchase #2

{Photos thanks to Beyond the Rack}

So this post is going to be Short and Sweet ... as if I could purchase something late last night and not let you all know what I am anticipating in the mail within the next 4 weeks ... 

On my way home from work last night, I was stuck in horrible Traffic. Checking my e-mails {while I was literally parked on the free-way} I noticed Beyond the Rack had e-mailed to let me know about their most recent deals {you know, me and beyond the rack, we're tight - we e-mail one another like every other day - I'll introduce you one day?!}. I scan the titles of each listing and see Michael Antonio Boots starting at $19. I literally almost pass out. I logged into Beyond the Rack on the iphone and only get as far as about 12 shoes in before I literally an thinking about pulling over and finding my credit card. This would be a first Highway purchase, thats for sure. Instead I call my husband and ask him to log into BTR for me and tell me if I would love any of these shoes {he knows my style inside out}. He tells me there are a few I'm sure you'd love, and thats all I needed to know. My main mission was to get home and buy, buy, BUY!

Walked in the door and remembered we had a vet appointment for Lynx... ran out the door as fast as I got in, to take her in for her late night appointment. All was fine and dandy, brought her home - and went straight to the laptop. Chose the 1 pair I couldn't live without, and made them mine!

So tell me what do you think? Did I do good?!?!
Did you people buy anything off Beyond the Rack over the last few weeks? If so, do tell!

PS: If you don't have a Beyond the Rack Account and would like me to send you an Invitation - let me know... I would be happy to!

Yours Truly

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Giveaway #2 | and the winner is....

{Photo Credit:}

So, first things first - not everyone knows how to play in the sandbox fairly... which I guess doesn't surprise me :)

Any extra entries should have been posted on a separate comment {as explained sillies} so that I could use to choose a number and count it out that way. Ah Well... you win some... you loose some. So I counted out everyones entries in order from the top to bottom and then created a between 1 and 79 to determine a winner....

The Winner is:

Which to my calculations is.... Eboni Ife from The Fashionista Next Door!
Congrats Eboni... I will be in touch soon!

To all who entered and didn't win.... Head on over to Affordable Scarves, I promise there is a Scarf there for you at a price you will "scream" over.... And also, keep your chins up, thanks to you all I have hit 100 Followers and there will be another Giveaway before you know it. This "bad boy" is going to be grand... so don't get your panties in a knot! Come back soon!

Yours Truly

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tea Tasting: Organic Lemon, Honey & Chamomile

Tea Company: Boston Tea Company

Tea NameOrganic Lemon, Honey & Chamomile
{Taste the truth; naturally flavorful, this tea boasts the beauty of Mother Earth! Organic chamomile, organic lemon peel, organic osmanthus, and organic honey flavor lend a wholesome, fragrantly soothing mix to our Organic Certified South African green rooibos.}

Tea Type: Rooibos 

Tea Tasting Location: The second best investment in my Home.... The Kitchen {If you stalk me on Facebook you would know that the first best investment in my Home is the Dimmer Switch in the Bathroom.... nothing better than a bath with mood lighting}
* add me to facebook if you want to join in the stalking fun {add me here}

Tea Accompaniments: A little dash of Sugar... the Aroma {which I am getting to next} was perfectly sweet enough... but if any of you don't already know, a little dusting of sugar never hurt. 

Leave Rating: 4.5
5 for the best and 1 for the worst

Liquor Color: Golden. A Vibrant Orange hue with deep Amber edges. 

Aroma: Naturally, at first sniff I caught Chamomile. The Soft Heavenly, Sleepy smell of Chamomile {maybe not the best choice for a wake-me-up Tea - note to self, do not drive any heavy machinery today}. I caught both light citrus notes and a soft rounded Honey finish to my first smell. 

Taste: This Tea wins an award in my books. It wins for the smoothest Tea to ever hit my lips. The combination of the the Chamomile, the Lemon and the Honey seems to be the perfect grouping for a soft smooth roller coaster ride. PURE BLISS.... 

Now somebody quick, find me the nearest bed - I need to take a nap :) Thank you Boston Tea for making my Sunday that much more lazy :)

Yours Truly

{if my fabulous mess of a mane give you any clue to how beautiful the rest of me looks.... you will now understand why I didn't take any self portraits this post - it is Sunday...and it was before 9am! Thats my story and I'm sticking to it!}

Friday, December 10, 2010

Fashion Friday: Seeing Stripes

Sorry for the later post here for Fashion Friday however after I took the shots I headed Downtown to check out the "One of a Kind Show" {a Show where 250 of North America's most talented artists & designers will showcase unique gift ideas for everyone on your list} so of course I naturally couldn't pass up such an Event.

With great success in just meeting some fabulous Clothing and Jewelery Designers, I also managed to buy a few items for some special ladies in my life {Mum and Sisters}. Pretty sure they are avid readers... so I won't be letting anything out of the bag. Ill tell you guys LATER.

So I met a few fabulous Designers such as Julie from {Luxurious Accessories for you Shoes}, or Kari Lynn and Stephanie from Mixed Media Jewellery, and Shanah designer of Little House Clothing {One of a Kind wardrobe pieces with a Vintage Flare}, and Kris from a Cagey Bee, of course last but not least Bueno Style {Jewelery that you couldn't peel me away from}.

I am hoping that I will have a chance to touch base with them all for a chance to feature them on LahTeaDah. Showing you all just how amazing they all are individually... and of course to support local artists that make us all look so beautiful.

....and this is why, my post was late. Sorry people.... forgive me?!?

Yours Truly


Tank | Suzy Shier {purchased ages ago}
Blazer | 
LeChateau {bought over 8 years ago - purchased for $85.00}
Skirt | Forever21 - Stripped Boycon Skirt {no longer for sale - purchased for $6.50}
Shoes | Joe Fresh {bought 2 seasons ago - purchased for $23.00}
Scarf | Vintage
Necklace & Bracelets | Gift
Purse | Vintage Shop - Fendi {bought for $10}

Thursday, December 09, 2010

My Love.... Mr. Alexander McQueen

I have a slight obsession {some may call it massive, huge or even worldly} with Alexander McQueen. His way with Skulls, Jewels, and of course a rugged yet Feminine touch to all his designs, just seems to fit my style so flawlessly. I would go so far as saying that McQueen is by far my favorite designer of "all-time". 

I would also say that if I found a few extra thousand {and of course by that I mean million} dollars in my couch cushions... my first purchases would be everything below! Thats a promise....


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