Tuesday, November 30, 2010

High Tea for Alice

...where have you been my whole life?

The only reason why I would want to re-do my Alice in Wonderland Un-Birthday Party would only be to stock my Table of all pieces from "High Tea for Alice".

Tell you you don't look at this shop and catch yourself saying.... This is my Favorite!.... No, this is my Favorite.... No wait! This is my favorite! 
Well if not you them for sure me. I couldn't happily leave that shop purchasing any one of those items and cherish it like it were my child. Her pieces are not only beautiful but absolutely necessity for any Afternoon Tea fit for a Queen. 

The designer; Lisa Marie Hart is in my mind the absolute meaning of Elegance. She even told me she has some idea's up her sleeve on new design styles.... I can't imagine they can get much better. Then again I urge her to prove me wrong!!!

Tell me what one is your favorite?

High Tea for Alice | ETSY SHOP
* Use Coupon Code HIGHSOCIETY for 15% off a purchase

Yours Truly

 {Regular $160.00 - Coupon Code Price $136.00 | Buy here}
{Regular Price $45.00 - Coupon Code Price $38.25 | Buy here}

{Regular Price $175.00 - Coupon Code Price $148.75 - Buy here}

{Regular Price $175.00 - Coupon Code Price $148.75 | Buy here}

Monday, November 29, 2010

Fashion Review: Texting Gloves

I bet right now your wondering how you missed that "Pig in the Sky".... No people, I did not cave and buy myself Texting Gloves... but apparently I advised the population that matters {the ones that follow me} of the newest Glove to help a texting hand near you.

Last week I posted about these new Texting Gloves I had stumbled across. I ranted about how ridiculous I thought the idea was - however to my surprise these have proven to be a BIG-HIT with iphone owners. Guess purchasing a Blackberry was not only a practical thing but Fashionable....TeeHee

My sister-in-law sent me an e-mail directly after my post to tell me that she thinks the idea could either be a great success or a total flop - she would be heading downtown to track them down and put an end to the question that had been eating her alive. Best Invention Ever or Worst Trend Alive.....

So after she bought a pair I had her review them....pictures and all!!!

Q} Where did you buy your Texting Gloves?
A} The Quicksilver Store - 820 Granville Street in Vancouver

Q} How much were they?
A} $27.50

Q} Did you buy more than one pair?
A} Yes, a black pair for me and a pair of gray ones for my sister as part of her Christmas gift.

Q) What do you rate the Gloves out of 10?
A} I will give these gloves a solid 7.5 out of 10 overall.
What I will say is that they are great for people who are going to be on and off the phone constantly – like I typically am most days with appointments for work. For the person who texts and uses their phone on a casual day-to-day basis; I could see how it’d be slightly annoying having to flip the pointer and thumb open and shut for every message. At the end of the day they serve their purpose; which is avoiding having take your glove off completely - especially for those of us with touch screen phones. Either way your hands stay nice and warm and you’re able to call, text and email with no problem at all, 2 flips and your connected. The gloves also have a faux suede patch I found to be a great feature for traction and are really soft and thick enough to keep in that heat! The downside to these gloves is that they only come in one size so they may not fit everyone perfectly. They will also eventually start to pill but this goes without saying for most gloves – unless you’re wearing leather. I’d say they were a great find.

Q} Did you first find out about these Gloves thanks to LahTeaDah?
A} Thanks to LahTeahDah I am now the proud owner of these gloves! If it wasn’t for the review, albeit one claiming how heinous these are, I would probably have not known of their existence or at least attempted to go out and specifically look for them. Now, whether it’s a work email or a text to my husband, I can be confident I won’t lose a finger due to frostbite!

{Best! Sister-In-Law! Ever!}

Friday, November 26, 2010

Fashion Friday: Bring on the WOOL!

Why is this my favorite time of year? That would be because I get to get cozy in my Wool Coat from H&M that I got on sale from $198 to $10..... that's right baby!!!! 

Its pretty much my most exciting purchase at the end of last year! So brilliant I called my Mama to see if she wanted one too...So now my mama and I own $400 of wool coats for a whopping $20.

I shall leave you with this very short and sweet RED TAG Story - I had a horrible morning getting ready for the cubicle job and rushed out the door without my camera along with many other things, including my energy.......photo's this Fashion Friday are courtesy of my lovely "forced BFF" {story to come at a later date} iphone. Thank you miss Crystal Joy for coming to the rescue...again!

PS: If you are a Facebook Friend of mine you will have had some inside scoop this afternoon of a conversation between a long-lost girlfriend of mine. Got some exciting news to bring next week :) If your NOT a friend of mine of Facebook...what's taking you so long? I don't bite...hard!

Yours Truly


Shirt - Black | H&M {no longer for sale - purchased for $5.00}
Shirt - Army | Wet Seal {from 5 or 6 maybe even 7 Seasons gone past}Leggings | H&M {purchased for $10.00}
Boots | Boutique Store {bought in 2007 in Tofino - purchased for $100.00}
Jacket | H&M {from last season - purchased for $10.00}Ring | Charlotte Russe - Burnished Double Finger Patterned Ring {purchase here for $4.00} 
Earrings | Charlotte Russe - Rose Gem Stud Trio {purchase here for $4.00}
Necklace | Gift

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tea Tasting: Ginger Peach & Apricot

Tea Company: Boston Tea Company

Tea Name: Ginger Peach & Apricot
{Spice up your cup with fragrant Asian ginger and the sweet essences of juicy peaches and apricots, that blend beautifully with our premium Chinese black tea. Take a peek at the delectable mix of our fabulous full leaf black tea in our clear-topped copper tin!}

Tea Type: Black

Tea Tasting Location: Nana Carmen House - Cozy at the Coffee Table with the best company ever.... Carmen Jayne

Tea Accompaniments: Both Carmen Jayne and I added only sugar...no milk or cream. It smelt a little too fruity for us to o pouring in our milk with ease. 

Leave Rating: Carmen Jayne: 4.2 | Me, myself and I: 4.3
5 for the best and 1 for the worst

Liquor Color: Reddish-Brown, with the edges a tone or two lighter and an Amber center. Again if I could make a Gem-Stone out of Steeped Tea, let me tell you - I would be the next brazillionaire.

Aroma:  Both CJ and I caught an Apple-ish aroma. So very fall and just perfect for the evening we were having. We initially caught a honey sweet smell with a tail end of citrus {we both think lemon} and of course how could you not fall asleep to the smell of sweet ginger. Quite impressed with how much we could actually put together into words at just a smell. 

Taste From all the smelling we were doing - we just couldn't get enough I think the taste really took us off-guard. We had verbally set ourselves up for a sweet, fruity concoction - however at first sip their was a Bold, Full-Bodied and Malty taste that obviously came from the Black Tea ... Duh! The two if us just looked at one another a little taken back. What? We took about 3 or 4 before any words actually surfaced. Ha Ha Ha - After we could actually get some words out we defiantly could taste the fruity/citrus flavors of the Peach and it almost had a bite. Really quite re-freshing for a black tea.  

If anyone out there has a battle when they are deciding what to steep being something fruity and something bold.... look now more. Boston Tea Companies Ginger Peach & Apricot Black Tea is your new BFF....well that is next to me of course :)

Yours Truly

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mini-Vacation | Tea 3x a Day

As you know I was away on a mini-vacation {if you will} with my husband visiting my Nana on the Sunshine Coast. She lives in a little town called Powell River. 

Population: 21,172

Sammy and I have been meaning to make our way to visit her - however being so busy with Home Renovations and Life in general - it has slipped away far too many time to count {however if you ask Nana, she probably knows}.... Departing our Home at 8:00am Friday morning we arrived at Nana's House by 1:45pm. Just shy of 6 hours its quite a trek...however worth every second when we arrive to the smell of Lunch..... Chicken Soup and Maltese Pastizzis. 

Taste: "oh my god"

Friday was filled with a fabulous Dinner at my Aunt's House. Fit for an Italian, we ate Pasta in a Red Meat Sauce, Garlic Bread and Salad. Visited with family from all over including 2 new babies that have entered into our family.

Saturday we spent the morning eating {common we're European, no - thank you mean, yes - more please}. After cleaning up after breakfast Nana started in teaching me the diamond of all recipes that I have always wanted to master. Not really because I want to make it for everyone on this side of the water - but really just to make my Nana proud. 

Later on that afternoon we went into town {and by by this I mean down the street} to the Ferry Terminal coming from Campbell River to pick up my cousin Carmen Jayne who was going to join us for the rest of the weekend. After we picked up CJ we hit the local mall to replace my Nana's Christmas Tree that decided to call 'er quites this year. Found a new one and then off to Lunch out...Nana's Favorite Chinese all-you-can/dare-eat. After which we headed back home to rest and make room for Dinner. That Evening Nana made a special Dinner for Sammy since it was recently his Birthday...Rabbit. CJ and I rejected the furry offer and opted for Chicken.

Which now brings me to my tasting. While Sammy was watching hockey, Carmen Jayne and I decided to do a Tea Tasting. I love do Tastings with my family.... they are always so excited about it and it makes me think that maybe, just maybe, I'm not the only one who loves the leaf so much!

PS: Thank you Auntie Debbie for not only arranging the gathering but putting on such an amazing Dinner. Thank you Nana Carmen for being so patient with Sammy and I getting our acts together and coming out to visit you - oh yeah and also housing us in your cozy cozy home - just as I like it HOT HOT HOT. Thank you Nana Kay for making Sammy's ever so well-known and overly yummy 7-up Birthday Cake... Looks like your new oven passes my test. Last but not least Thank you Carmen Jayne for being such an awesome cousin.... oh yeah and coming out and seeing us for our mini-vacation! LOVE YOU ALL!

Yours Truly

 {on the 1st ferry....attempting to take Fashion Friday Shot....Fail.... too cold}

{Nana, AJ, Carmen Jayne & Moi....Sipping on some Boston Tea Company Pineapple Paradise} 

{Now tell me I don't have the cutest Nana EVER!...Curry, Basil and Mint}

{Little bit of a snow fall on our way home on Sunday

{Singing to the Women of the 80's.... God I love this man.... His little smirk and all}  

Swiss Miss = Life/Bag Saver

So thanks to Jennyfer {my sister-in-law} and Swiss Miss {website here} for brightening up my day with this new..or maybe not so new...invention for Tea Drinkers around the world. 

Who hasn't steeped a cup of tea and had the bag fall in...worst! day! ever!

Well here is our answer... Jennyfer says it may be boring, but its practical...and I sure do agree!

Yours Truly


{photos thanks to Swiss Miss - buy the Tie Tea Cup here for $25.00 US}

Black Friday - Enjoy even in Canada

Thanks to the wonderful world of inter-webbing {teehee} us Canadians can enjoy Black-Friday without the over-night Border line ups......

Handbag Heaven is having a pre-black Friday sale which should be sure to spark some interest for those looking for a handbag this holiday....Black-Friday is a holiday isn't it?!?! I think everything shopping related should be a holiday.

Boxing Day

Okay - fine - I'm pushing it... whatever!
Enjoy these Black-Friday Deals at Handbag Heaven and don't forget to let me know if you purchase one!

PS: My favorite are most defiantly Abigail and Devon for sure 

Yours Truly

{Kristen Cross Body Clutch | Original $41.95 | Sale $29.71}

{Paisley Distressed Trim Tote | Original $56.95 | Sale $33.96}

{Molly Floral Tote | Original $49.95 | Sale $25.00}

{Carter Ruffle Bag | Original $53.95 | $38.21}

{Abigail Studded Clutch | Original $39.95 | Sale $22.91}

{Valencia Blush Hobo | Original $71.95 | Sale $42.46}

{Devon Convertible Clutch | Original $35.95 | Sale $21.21}

Monday, November 22, 2010

Expensive Taste - I'd say...

A Girlfriend of mine sent this link to me. I assume it wasn't because she thought that my salary would accompany such taste of a $12,000 cup of Tea - but more so because she knew that I would probably beg my husband once or twice, with attempt to convince him that it would be well worth the money spent. 

Seriously ladies - I love Tea....but do I love it enough to spend $12,000 on one cup? Maybe, if it came with a pre-paid Mastercard of $11,999 with purchase.

Would you buy this fancy tea-bag for $12,000?!? Here is the write-up below.... 

The most expensive tea bag has 280 diamonds on it and costs about $12,000. 

This was designed in celebration of UK tea companyPG Tips’ 75th birthday in 2005. As a promotion, they had a contest, and participants could win the diamond-studded tea bag estimated at about £7,500 (roughly $12,000). 

According to spokesman Pete Harbour “As it's our 75th birthday, we wanted to do something special to remind people just how much they love the great British cup of tea." 

Runners-up received a limited edition teapot and a year’s supply. No word yet on how the diamond-studded tea tasted.

Yours Truly

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Speed: 1.0 Mbps...Thanks Random Connection

So... how I managed to get an Internet connection is beyond me! This evening while Sammy, Carmen, Nana and I were watching the Hockey Game my computer decides to pick up a distant Internet connection from someone with dial-up.... UBER-SLOW Connection..... but you don't see me complaining!

Thank you Grandpa Harry for spending the evening connected to the dial-up and leaving it un-armed so that I could piggy back off you! 

This could be short and sweet as I loose the connection as fast as I Grandpa Harry can run a mile... but again... I'm not complaining!

Got a FABULOUS e-mail that had me screaming "why don't I own these already"?

Yours Truly

{Once you pick you tongue up off the ground... you can head straight to ModCloth and pick these babies up for $239.99....buy them here}

Thursday, November 18, 2010

On Vacation....with no INTER-WEB connection!

{Nana Carmen ... bustin' a move}

Alright Folks... Giving you a heads-up that my hubby and I will be leaving the country tomorrow - Okay...so we are not leaving the country - seems like the only legit thing to tell you as I wont have internet until Sunday Evening. 

I am heading to Powell River to visit with my Nana. She maybe Trendy with her little size 4 wedges, but she is a little out of the loop when it comes to the wonderful world we call the internet!

I was hoping to try and connect to a neighbors connection - BUT since I assume that both sides are probably nearing their 80's, chances are I'm going to be out of luck. However the good news is they got a Starbucks there about 2 years ago and this means FREE WIRELESS CONNECTION that I hope to get to at sometime through out the weekend to catch up!

I hope to try and hit some random stores we don't have here in Vancouver {for obvious reasons} and see if I cant pick up something I can "work-with" in my closet... TeeHee

Have a Great Weekend without me *tear*!

PS: Fashion Friday will still be done but not posted until Sunday or Monday. Get ready for some serious COMFY attire... your going to see how I dress {and maybe even the husband} when we get aboard a 6 hour trek in the car! Yuck!

Yours Truly

Texting Gloves...REALLY?!?!

I loved both these babies until I read they were called "texting gloves". 

Really? Did you have to go and do that? 

Thanks for ruining a good pair of Finger-less Gloves my friend! I won't be sporting these to help send my husband love-texts this winter - I will be like every other normal person and NOT TEXT while I am in the snow, thank you very much!

Tell me I have not just gone over-the-end... these are crazy-absurd right?

Yours Truly

{Photo found on www.Refinery29.com}

{Photo found on www.Refinery29.com}
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