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Q&A - Your Questions...Answered!

{I muss-tash you a question}

Thank you for all of you who participated in my first blog Giveaway. I had so much fun compiling the questions you came up with and better yet answering them {appropriately}. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did answering them. I don't think I have ever answered so many questions about myself in one sitting HOWEVER I honestly can say I thoroughly enjoyed it, even learnt a few new things about myself ;) Go Figure!

and without further lengthening this post..............

Eboni Ife | The Fashionista Next Door
Q: Is there ONE item that you MUST have this fall?
A: One?!? Are you serious...try One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy Three "must have" items for the Fall...Okay fine, Ill try and figure this one out by process of elimination. {5 minutes pass} I think the "must have" item this fall on my list would have to be a Boyfriend Jacket. I have had it on the list since spring however I can't quite seem to find one that fits just right. 

Katy Vaydo
Q: What is your all time favourite personal piece of clothing and what flavour Tea would you drink while wearing it?
A: Hmmmm that's a thinker! My all-time favorite piece of clothing "at the moment" {as it changes all too frequently} would have to be my Basic Black Shirt from Joe Fresh. I wear it at least once a week as it goes with EVERYTHING....paired with a Cardi or a Blazer or Belted...what would I drink, while wearing it. Anything really... however today happens to be a day that I am wearing it and the drink of choice today is Pineapple Paradise from Boston Tea Company.

KTKatherine | Fashion Frugality
Q: Will you post a photo of an outfit inspired by your favorite Tea?
A: I will...not that I have been asked. I will make this one of my goals! Thank you me a reason to go out and shop {adding to list, Tea Inspired Outfit}. I will let my husband know he has you to thank!

Nathalie | Pocket of Presh
Q: How did you meet your husband?
A: Love this question. Might just be my favorite. I met my husband "online"....Ohhhhh....Ahhhhh I know how lame right?!? Well not exactly. This could be a very long response, so lets do the short and sweet version when one day I will elaborate on a full post. We met on a dating site...chatted over e-mail for 2 weeks....then moved to the telephone and text messages for another 2 weeks...then a meeting in person....Love at first sight {no word of a lie}. Our first meeting was a good 10 hours, making it back home for 3am...and I have not been able to wipe the smirk on my face since. 

Carmen Zmaeff
Q: Are you ever going to hire an editor or any help for your blog? Because I think we would make a great Tea(m)!!!
A: I agree Miss Carmen... we would and do make a fabulous Tea{m}.... I would love to include you in a weekly posting... you come up with the day {example: Nurse Carmen Speaks} and you can go on about some cool qualities that Tea can do for your body... or better yet how Fashion can cure one's ailments. LETS DO THAT!

Q: Where is your all time favorite place to go for High Tea?

A: That would have to be the easiest questions thus far... and probably ever! The Fairmont Empress in Victoria {British Columbia}. I shall one day dine here with the Queen. Hold me to this quote Ladies... their will be pictures to prove it. 

Mommara | Fearfully & Wonderfully
Q: I have curly hair but, can never get my curls without the frizz. What is your hair regiem?
A: Curly seems to be best best friends with Frizz because when ever I attempt to play with Curly Frizz always tags along! The only thing that has seemed to work for me not necessarily is a particular product but more a style of process. I wash my hair while always brushing through the conditioner and rinsing with COLD WATER {not a fun task, but a important one}. Then when I get out of the shower I will not put a single thing {product} in my hair until a conditioner has been racked through. At the moment I am using Pantene Pro-V Curly. I rack this through with my fingers and either let it air-dry or else top it with a Gel or Curl Definer. Anything really. I find if I don't perform this system Frizz and I play alone, while Curl runs home for Dinner!

Kandie Valle | Curves Ahead Makeup
Q: What time of the day makes you most happy?
A: You know, I've been asked this questions before and never really really thought about my answer. Now though Kandie, for you...I will. I gave this thought over the past week and really paid attention to my feelings during the day {and by paid attention I mean took notes from my husbands reactions to my replies and requests}. The Evening is defiantly "my time to shine". Reasoning is beyond me, maybe because I'm likely home, cozy with a cup of Tea with the Husband or else out with Friends of Family doing something other than house chores. 

Jennifer Kirk | Jenniferk Kirk Photography
Q: Fave place for High Tea?
A: Again.....a "no brainer"......The Fairmont Empress in Victoria, British Columbia. Go figure, when I went, I was with you. Who woulda thought.

Va | International Giveaway Blog
Q: What is your favorite all natural beauty product whether it be a cold process soap, lip balm, etc. with no chemical ingredients and parabens
A: I'm going to be perfectly honest here, I have never used a cold processed soap, lip balm or any Beauty Product for that matter that didn't consist of ingredients I couldn't pronounce. Sad to say, but very true. I never look at what the product is made of but only of its qualities to make me look and feel beautiful. I am somewhat aware how bad some if not all of these things are for us, and thanks to you Va I will be paying more attention to this the next purchase. Can you make any suggestions Va?

Budgetnisat | Budget Chic
Q: You are a thrifty shopper and is getting a bargain your main goal when you shop?
A: Getting a bargain is not my "main goal" while shopping however getting an item I am looking for on sale is always a major plus. I don't go shopping to find bargains I go shopping to buy something I am lusting over and if I find this item on sale... I wont hesitate to buy them in each color they are made in ;) I will add though that if I find something I love that has just come out and adorns a price tag I little less beautiful than me in the morning I will be sure to wait it out a few weeks to get it on sale. 

Kristin Marie | Its not you... its meeee
Q: What is your favorite type of Tea?
A: Hmmmm this is a questions that can be "walked around", in fear of hurting my other Tea's feelings. My favorite TEA itself is Black.... but my favorite Black Tea well that is like asking who's your favorite sibling.... probably best left unsaid. I will say however that some of my ultimate favorites are Creamy Earl Grey {made by many}, Boston Tea Companies Pineapple Paradise, DAVIDsTEA Pumpkin Chai, and Boston Tea Companies Bombay Chai   

Q: Do you have to drink Tea{s} a certain way in order to experience the full impact/magnitude/enjoyment of the Tea?
A: Yes....I must be awake! Ha Ha Sorry Aanjs Mom, I am only kidding. I have no special way I drink it other than simply sipping. I would like to think that the fine china I drink from make a difference however I think that's all in my head. When you are sipping from a gold flaked Tea Cup and your pinky stands up alone, it just feels fancy. 

Q: I have appreciated all your Tea Cups... but do you use certain ones for a day of the week or a certain Tea? or do you randomly grab a cup and start your brew?

A: Honestly? I play favorites. I have a grand collection of cups but some just speak to me more than others. I wont tell you which exactly that I fancy more than the rest, but I'm not very good at hiding it - if you were to look back at my posts, its plain as day really :)

Andrea Knowles
Q: Since we all know you love Tea and Fashion, I wanted to share your other main passion, to be a Momma {and you will make a wonderful one!}. My questions is this... If you have to name your child {boy or girl} after a Tea, what would his or her name be?
A: Oh Jeeze... really?!? Just a quick heads up, for some clarity, this Andrea Knowles is not a total creep for knowing this random, but true, information on me and my love to one day reproduce... but she is my cousin :) So no ladies, I'm not playing favorite with my followers as I do my Tea Cups... she just knows more about me because her Mama is my Papa's sister! 

Now to get back to the questions that I am trying to avoid... Hmmmm what would I name my child if they were to be named after the Leaf? I could go with something easy like Earl or something like Chai so that for sure they would think I adopted from China....but maybe lets pull a fast one on you....if I had a little girl it would be Grey-cee {thanks to Earl Grey}
 and if my bundle of joy was a boy it would go by the name Cane {as in Sugar Cane, as in what I sprinkle in my Tea}.... Am I pushing it... Common Damn-It I don't wanna name my poor kid Earl!

| Style & Everything in Between

Q: What's your favorite Clothing & Makeup Brands
A: I am beginning to hate the word Favorite. It puts a great amount of pressure on my to pick one. I have now decided favorite means "many items and/or companies you like a great deal". Is that okay with you? Some of my favorite Clothing Brands are Charlotte Russe, LoveCulture, Forever21, Shock Boutique and Etsy {not really a brand, but a place you can find 1 of a kind pieces}. Some of my favorite Makeup Brands are Mark {by Avon}, Joe, Cover Girl, Smash Box, Sephora and MAC

Brittany L
Q: Where do you keep all your Clothes & Accessories?
A: I keep my clothing in my Closet and my Accessories on a Wall. Ha Ha Ha Okay, okay I'll elaborate some more. My husband recently put a Wardrobe Unit for our Closet that has all my Clothing sorted from Shirts and Skirts to Dressed and Slacks. Its pretty much the best thing since slice bread... and even better since he installed some lighting so that I can pick and choose in the dark {aka on days that he has off and I still have to drag my ass into the office}. My Accessories are hung on an accessory organizer that I made {thanks to so many DIY Idea's online}. My Necklaces and Bracelets hang, my Earrings are pressed softly into the cork so that I can see their faces and my Watches and Bangles sit pretty in a few baskets.

Asteria | Asterialatief
Q: What's your fave Jewellery Style? {I ask, because I make Jewellery LOL}
A: Oh man!?! I don't think I have a favorite... oh wait! I do...sorta. I love to mix the nontraditional. For example I love mixing Glitz with Jeans - however not vise versa. My Wedding Jewelry are quite the statement piece and I love to mix it with Jeans... it really seems to have people talking... and I like that! 

Josee Parent
Q: Spring Fashion Week has started. Show us what you are looking for to buy for Spring.
A: Spring you say?!?! I have yet to even complete my Fall wish list :)  A look that I would like to re-create this Spring will have to be Shorts and Tights. I have yet to be able to successfully "pull-off" this combo. So I hope to do so this Spring. 

| Project Trophy Wife

Q: Who is your favorite Designer?
A: Well seeings as I can only go by photo. I have never really owned enough variety of "designers" clothing so to speak to be able to make a safe and sound verdict {however... designers out there...looking for a virgin mind to sway....I'm your girl}...In photos I would have to say my absolute favorite Designer would have to be Chanel or McQueen. Sorry can;t just pick one!

Jennifer Massa
Q: What is your all time fav go to article of Clothing {remember it doesn't have to be your most stylish, but your favorite} and why???
A: It would have to be Leggings. It can go with anything AND easy to transition from Day to Night with removing the flats and pairing them with a uber-cute Heel. Love love love the Leggings....however yet to try the Jeggings... Oh man! Reminder... I need Jeggings!

Pink Hibiscus | Daiquiris & Denial
Q: Do you usually have your Tea on it own, or with Nibbly Bits?
A: I don't know what I love better, thinking about all that I can consume while sipping a cup of Tea or the simple fact that you used the word "Nibbly Bits". TeeHee way too cute of a word to pass up on making a comment on. I normally drink my Tea in the evening solo. Only for the reason that if I were to eat along side every glass of Tea I steep I would be fighting for the next spot on "The Biggest Looser". BUT, when I do nibble and sip at the same time I always go for a Scone with Devonshire and Jam. 

Q: When did your passion for Tea begin?
A: I don;t know the exact date and time when my heart started to skip beats for the Leaf, however I can say that I have been sipping since I was a wee-one. My Nana would always have Tea ready when anyone wanted and my Mother would use Tea as a cure-all. With how much Tea I have consumed in my life-time I am sure I could write a book. Or maybe just an article.... okay fine, so I only consumed Black Tea up until about 5 years ago... but that's not my fault. My mother only gave this option to me ;) I blame her!

Kat | Kitsch by Kat
Q: Where can I find Joe Fresh?

A: Ha Ha - That is a question... and a very important one at that! Joe Fresh is sold in The Great Canadian Superstore's or better known as Superstore. However if you are coming into Vancouver anytime soon we just got the first ever STAND-ALONE Store {Yippee}. Sadly you can;t buy their clothing online that I know of {yet}. But don't you worry I will be the first to let you know if and when they do.  

Auntie Debbie 
Q: What do you call toe crack that shows just above the shoe line of a pair of pumps? Its kinda like "plumbers crack" on the foot. The sounds like I am telling you a joke, but I'm not. It is really my questions. 
A: Hmmmmmm Interesting questions, then again I wouldn't have expected anything less from my Aunt Debbie. What would I call it, normally I wouldn't call it anything as I don't look past the shoe... BUT since you are asking, and well this could be the beginning of a beautiful joke how about we call it Toe Cleavage. 

Q: Where do you fall on the topic showing Bra Straps with Spaghetti Strap Tops? Teen Trend or Trailer Park?

A: I fall all the time, thanks for asking! However where do I fall on the Bra Straps...Class vs. Trash....Hmmmm I'd have to lean towards Trash. Sorry to those ladies out there sporting the look, but if it makes you feel any better I feel just as strongly about the Hair Roots Trend that's trying to make its way into our world {by-passing every Hair Dressers wishes}. I know they have come out with all the fancy Bra Straps that you can mix and match, be-jeweled, silk, lace, blah blah blah..... but I just don't think this is something that I am going to hop-on and sport anytime soon {and by soon I mean ever}... then again I said this too about the Socks and Heels Trend and I will have you know its on my Fall List {Lace Socks}.  Anyone dis-agree?

Can anyone out there provide a picture that shows someone baring their bosom-straps that doesn't looked like they just walked off the set of Jersey Shore or Trailer Park Boys?  

Q: What has you love Tea so much and why do you drink it or favour it over Coffee?
A: I drink Tea because it makes me feel all tingly inside..... NO REALLY?!?! It Does! I have grown up consuming Tea for more than just the reason that it tastes yummy. If I was Sad, a cup of Tea was the perfect Medicine....If I was Angry, Tea would calm me.... If I was Stressed, Earl Grey would be the perfect mane to ease the nerves... So for me Jodi, every time I steep a cup of Tea.... all the "feel better" memories that my Nana and Mum have distilled in me, magically come out and make my tummy have butterflies... and this, is how I became an addict!

Maria | Maria a la Mode
Q: Can you recommend a flavorful Tea that I wouldn't have to add sugar or cream to, to make taste good?
A: Yes I sure can. However if you woulda asked me 24 hours ago {you sorta did, but lets pretend you didn't} I would have to think long and hard about that one. Boston Tea Company just provided me with a lovely Tea that I now just can;t live without. Its called Pineapple Paradise and its just Heavenly. A must try and better yet doesn't even need a dash or Cream... OR a sprinkle of Sugar! Go and get 'er {Pineapple Paradise} you will not be disappointed!

Q: Whats your favorite way to treat yourself besides Tea?
A: Manicure, Pedicure, Bubble Bath, Chocolate Fondue....Oh you said way, not ways! Damn-it! If I had to choose one it would have to be a Bubble Bath. I love the Bath and if you have been to me house to see what I have been "calling" a Bathtub for the past year you would have to laugh in my face. {long story short}....My husband and I bought a house over a year ago and literally JUST got to renovating the Bathroom this weekend. I am upgrading from a Tub that was Golden Yellow and got only deep enough to bathe the top of my knee-caps {seriously who makes a bathtub this freaking shallow} to a Crisp White Deep Soaker Tub that if I'm not careful my husband is going to make me wear water-wings in. I should have this baby in place, time for me to soak away my worries in within the next week...or 2! The count-down begins! Would anyone be interested in before and after's?!?!

AnnaQ: Whats your favorite Tea flavor?
A: Sorry I don't mean to be repetitive BUT I am just going to copy and paste. TeeHee I think I have spent a good 4 hours of my day on this post :) Oh Jeeze!

Hmmmm this is a questions that can be "walked around", in fear of hurting my other Tea's feelings. My favorite TEA itself is Black.... but my favorite Black Tea well that is like asking who's your favorite sibling.... probably best left unsaid. I will say however that some of my ultimate favorites are Creamy Earl Grey {made by many}, Boston Tea Companies Pineapple Paradise, DAVIDsTEA Pumpkin Chai, and Boston Tea Companies Bombay Chai  

Katie Parker
Q: Why did you start Blogging?
A: Why you ask.... that's a questions I can answer simply.....BECAUSE!
Okay I can explain a little more {only cuz I like you}... I started blogging because I came to the realization that I used to have a life that had slipped away on me {and by life I mean pass-time}. My day to day doings mostly consisted of working, eating, cleaning, sleeping...and as much fun as that sounds, I missed being creative and making time for doing things that make me feel lovely. I used to DIY a lot, from crafting to sewing to baking and cooking...anything that consisted of making a mess with glue, tape and/or flour. I found that all went away when we purchased our first home. We were busy doing renovations or being adults and paying bills...tasks that took me away from the small things in life that really I thought it might be a fun little venture to do something creative...get online design a little blog {which what blogger allows you to be creative with} and write to my little hearts content. Then of course the question came up...what to blog about and the first things that came to my head were Tea and Fashion... so there you have it! The birth of my baby blog.

Q: Wondered how would you describe your personal style?
A: Wow. I have never been asked this before. Is "my" a good enough answer? "my personal style"? Seems like a cop-out doesn't it Juanette. I would better describe my style as being Casual meets Complicated and Sophistication meets Badass? Does this make sense? I like to mix my style... Jean, Jewels and Heels, Leggings and Converse and best known for anything and everything paired with Bowed Hair Accessories.

Christine | My Life in {few} Words
Q: What's your favorite Tea?
A: Oh boy.... Sorry Christine.... I'm going to have to do another COPY & PASTE... its not that I don't love you......

Hmmmm this is a questions that can be "walked around", in fear of hurting my other Tea's feelings. My favorite TEA itself is Black.... but my favorite Black Tea well that is like asking who's your favorite sibling.... probably best left unsaid. I will say however that some of my ultimate favorites are Creamy Earl Grey {made by many}, Boston Tea Companies Pineapple Paradise, DAVIDsTEA Pumpkin Chai, and Boston Tea Companies Bombay Chai.
Q:If you could have Tea with anyone, alive or not, who would it be...and what would you wear to your Tea date? 
A: The Queen... or wait, maybe Lady Gaga... Or maybe both, now that would make for some interesting conversations! What I would wear... well what I would wear to Tea with the Queen would be quite different that what would go for Tea with Gaga?! I would wear a Tea Dress and Hat....made of our Tea Bags and Sugar Packets! Yes... this would make it right to the cover of HELLO! or the Enquirer for sure! 


Katie said...

Ha ha! Can't wait to see your tea inspired outfit! Tell your husband, "You're welcome!" :)

Kirsten said...

AHAHAHAAHA 'I mustache you a question'....gonna be chuckling about that one throughout the day. :)


aanjsmom said...

this ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!! : ) thanx for the answers!

Pink Hibiscus said...

Bless, I'm glad that you liked my use of the "nibbly bits". At least someone likes it, my friends are sick of me saying that, and things like it lol


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