Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tea Lovers' Lamp | Random Contest

This posts needs very little words. Just caught this on Twitter thanks to ESP Emporium! Country Living just posted a Alice-In-Wonderland Inspired DIY Lamp and I think you all need to know about it. Lets see who is the first to make one....I smell a contest!

First one to make this Tea Lovers' Lamp and sends me pictures to prove it... gets a sweet little package in the mail of something not only tasty but fashionable.

Go....Go....Go! Random Giveaway......before I come to my senses!

{PS: You must be a follower of mine}

Yours Truly

{photos courtesy of Country Living}


Asteria said...

that is one awesome lamp!!!
if only i have all sorts of colourful teapots lying around...

Shannyn said...

That is sooo perfect! :) I adore it!

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Wow, that's incredible! Love!

aanjsmom said...

wow!!! I actually would love that..... might try this out.
( but not JUST cuz you have another great prize) ; P

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