Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Swiss Miss = Life/Bag Saver

So thanks to Jennyfer {my sister-in-law} and Swiss Miss {website here} for brightening up my day with this new..or maybe not so new...invention for Tea Drinkers around the world. 

Who hasn't steeped a cup of tea and had the bag fall in...worst! day! ever!

Well here is our answer... Jennyfer says it may be boring, but its practical...and I sure do agree!

Yours Truly


{photos thanks to Swiss Miss - buy the Tie Tea Cup here for $25.00 US}


Annie said...

That is just perfect! I need one!

20 York Street said...

That's a really brilliant idea! Perfect Christmas gift!

And.. Yay for Canadian bloggers!!


lisa said...

Haha I usually just wind the string around the top of the mug handle, but this design works too.

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