Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Black Friday - Enjoy even in Canada

Thanks to the wonderful world of inter-webbing {teehee} us Canadians can enjoy Black-Friday without the over-night Border line ups......

Handbag Heaven is having a pre-black Friday sale which should be sure to spark some interest for those looking for a handbag this holiday....Black-Friday is a holiday isn't it?!?! I think everything shopping related should be a holiday.

Boxing Day

Okay - fine - I'm pushing it... whatever!
Enjoy these Black-Friday Deals at Handbag Heaven and don't forget to let me know if you purchase one!

PS: My favorite are most defiantly Abigail and Devon for sure 

Yours Truly

{Kristen Cross Body Clutch | Original $41.95 | Sale $29.71}

{Paisley Distressed Trim Tote | Original $56.95 | Sale $33.96}

{Molly Floral Tote | Original $49.95 | Sale $25.00}

{Carter Ruffle Bag | Original $53.95 | $38.21}

{Abigail Studded Clutch | Original $39.95 | Sale $22.91}

{Valencia Blush Hobo | Original $71.95 | Sale $42.46}

{Devon Convertible Clutch | Original $35.95 | Sale $21.21}

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