Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Okay - so this is a little off topic from Tea or Fashion - but Its even more near and dear to my heart!!

 I know right - what the heck could be more of a love than not only Clothing, Accessories and Shoes or a warm cozy cup of Tea? 

My Brother!

My Brother's Company has just been nominated for "Best Company"...However he now needs our votes! Take my words for it people - my brother'c company is the best...please take 2 seconds out of your day to vote. 

 Click on the link here {
http://www.successfulyou.ca/best-company/quicktech} and all you do it click "vote" thats it thats all - no need to sign in......nothing - It will seriously only take 2 seconds. Assuming you dont have "dial-up" teehee..... and if you do have dial up then I suggest giving Quicktech a call - you really do need Dustin and Jon's help!

Yours Truly

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