Monday, November 08, 2010

Tea Tasting: Pineapple Paradise

Tea CompanyBoston Tea Company

Tea NamePineapple Paradise
{Light , refreshing Chinese Sencha whole-leaf Green Tea is enhanced by a host of tropical flavor notes, including Pineapple pieces, Lemon Peel and other exotic ingredients. It's lovely and colorful appearance promises an exceptional infusion which is equally delicious served hot or over ice.}

Tea Type: Green

Tea Tasting Location: Another day at the Office

Tea Accompaniments: Just a sprinkle of Sugar

Leave Rating: 4.7 {a huge surprise, as I honestly didn't think I'd love it so much}
5 for the best and 1 for the worst

Liquor Color: a Fresh, Vibrant, Green with tones of Sunny Yellow

Aroma: Pineapple, Pineapple, Pineapple! I can't get enough. Brings me right back to Hawaii... sorta, minus the sand in my bathing suit top and burning burning sun! .... So really the Tea brings me back JUST ENOUGH to really enjoy my vacation. 

Taste: Sweet Je-bus this is heavenly! I honestly never thought I would find a Green Tea that would make my casual Tea Sipping days a tough decision. This Tea is right up there with my love for the Creamy Earl Grey - this says a lot since I literally steep that bad boy once a day. 
This would be the smoothest Tea I have ever sipped; Black, Green, White or Oolong {by far}. I don't know if its the Sencha Green Tea or the Velvety combo of Pineapple and Lemon but this goes down easier than a Cupcake with Sprinkles {minus the guilt}. Boston Tea has mixed the perfect combination of Green Tea, Pineapple pieces, Lemon peel and dash's of paradise to make this a Tea that I will go back to time and time again. You don't want to miss out on this experience guys, much cheaper than a flight to the Hawaiian Islands...and a little more relaxing considering the fact that you wont have to sit next to a chubby, snore-aholic {totally wrong, totally inappropriate...but worth the stereo-type image}! 

Yours Truly

{last week, Jennifer & I took out best, Miss Katy, out for a day of fun for her Birthday and one of our stops was a Pottery Studio... and look what I made... supposed to be leopard print at the top, however it has been called paw prints....polka dots and abstract art. So I thought I would clarify..... I'm cute okay! I can't be both cute and talented!

{Sorry..... this wee one goes oh-natural Monday through Thursday...the perks of being a telephone agent and not door-to-door sales}


Lady Lipstick said...

You just need to tell your husband you have to do it!! You can always ask for forgiveness later right!?? LOL
I have recently become OBSESSED with taking tea!! YAY! I am jealous of your cute little teapot though, where did you pick that up!??


J'Anns Boutique said...

Hmm pineapple and green tea..I am actually eager to find this tea. Sounds yummy!

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