Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Giveaway Winner...

I am so extremely happy with how this all turned out. My first Giveaway drummed up so much more of a crowd than I could have ever imagined. With a total of 57 Entries between 33 followers I am pleased to announce this was the best turn out to date on a LahTeaDah Contest EVER! {teehee - oh right, its my first one - a small detail that doesn't matter in my mind}.

Anyways - Ill get back to what you all are patiently waiting for...The WINNER of the $15 Gift Certificate to Boston Tea Company and a Joe Fresh Necklace is:

Entry 48 - Maria from Maria a la Mode 

Congrats Maria, please send me your mailing address as soon as possible! For those of you who did not win... don't you worry, I already have my goal set for Giveaway #2....When LahTeaDah hits 100 Followers I will do another Giveaway!

{I was going to pull the winner from a Tea Pot as I'm sure you recall, however the thought of having to either write out 57 names or else cut out 57 strips - had my hands screaming "sure, go ahead, sounds just like that time you pulled out a total of 12 nails from the floor during home renovations and got a hand full of blisters....yes that's right folks, these ands are not much used to serious heavy-duty labor - I can admit it" - so it is}

Thank you everyone for your Fabulous, Interesting and Fun Questions that I will be getting to each and everyday for the next few weeks.... months :) Ill be sure to send you all individual e-mails when your questions have been answered :)

Thanks again for participating! and Maria {from Maria a la Mode}...we look forward to hearing what you got from Boston Tea Company and cannot wait to see your first Outfit Post with your new Joe Fresh Jewels....Keep us posted!

Yours Truly


Ife' said...

Yay! Congrats, Maria!!!!

Doesn't it feel good to do giveaways for your readers. I love it! (Oh, and don't forget to stop by my blog and enter my giveaway... it ends today!)

Marie a la Mode said...

Yay! I'm so excited! This totally made my day! I will email you my address.

Thanks so much!

aanjsmom said...

Congrats!!!!!! : )

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