About Me

I’m a sweets person, a spur of the moment person, and the kind of person who has a love hate relationship with Reality TV {with the exception of Jersey Shore - not my cup of tea}.

I’m a loud person, I’m a proud person, and the kind of person who gets gut wrenching cramps when someone proves I’m wrong.

I’m a pedicure person, a dramatic story teller, and a person that's takes the word loyalty seriously.

I'm a person who loves, to be loved. A person who takes passionate to its next level, and I'm a person who surrounds themselves with family and friends because they are what make my life so warm.

I’m a true believer than Mondays should officially be a weekend, your Birthday should be celebrated all month long {inclusive of daily sweets, cake and gifts and excluding birthday bumps}.

I believe that Calories can rott in hell along with Contract Small Print, Garden Weeds and Single Pane Windows during the Canadian Winter Seasons.

I'm a lover and a hater, a serious Tea-Sipper and a true believer that perseverance will one-day pay off {hence why I still shove a glass of Tea under my husbands nose daily}.

Fashion consumes me from head to toe. I love to live outside the box if not for a trend then for reaction sake. I will try almost anything once {simma down Sammy} when it comes to Fashion as long as I wear the style and it doesn't wear me.

I believe everyone should be comfortable in their own skin, however I don't always take my own advise.
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