Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rachel Roy - Why have I not heard of you?

....until now?!?!

Long story short....I love Rachel Roy! Amazing Clothing, Accessories and Shoes.... better yet have you seen the prices? Not crazy astronomical which is what I was expecting! Yah for Rachel Roy! Three Cheers for me one day owning 1 or all of the below items!

JUST LEARNT: Sign up for there Newsletter and get $20 off your first purchase of $100 or more... GOTTA LOVE IT!!!

What are you waiting for?
GO! GO! GO! 

Here are some of my favorites and they are surely making onto my Christmas Wish List {with the Swirl Dress, Emmett Shoe and the Lightly Shirred Tank making my TOP 3}:

Yours Truly
Mr. T V-Neck {buy it here} $35.40 on sale!

Lightly Shirred Basic Tank {buy it here} $27.60 on sale!

Ruffled Tank Top {buy it here} $35.40 on sale!

Racer Back Tank {buy it here} $29.50 on sale!

Wagner {buy them here} $169.00

Max Blazer {buy it here} $149.00

Embellished Dress {buy it here} $139.00

Swirl Dress {buy it here} $129.00 

Emmett {buy them here} $159.00

Harwyn {buy them here} $159.00 

Thumbhole Cardi {buy it here} $47.40 on sale!


J'Anns Boutique said...

I know! I love her stuff...went to a trunk show she at The Room at the Bay in downtown Toronto, was amazing! Had it not been for the limitation of this thing called "money" I would have left with at least 5 pieces that I Love Love Loved.


Ife' said...

oh yes, Rachel Roy is nothing short of fabulous. Long time fan here! I usually wait until her RACHEL Rachel Roy line for Macy's goes on sale and snatch it all up!

aanjsmom said...

I want the Harwyn boots. THOSE are sweet. I couldn't get away with the Thumbhole Cardi though, without my kids or friends thinking that I am having some sort of psycho-somatic meltdown. ( but hey: I'd look GREAT having one!!!!!!!!!!! ) ; P

Londyn said...

I adore Rachel Roy!

Great blog BTW :)

andrea k (blonde bedhead) said...

must. have. those leopard print boots!! sooo amazing!

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