Thursday, November 18, 2010

On Vacation....with no INTER-WEB connection!

{Nana Carmen ... bustin' a move}

Alright Folks... Giving you a heads-up that my hubby and I will be leaving the country tomorrow - we are not leaving the country - seems like the only legit thing to tell you as I wont have internet until Sunday Evening. 

I am heading to Powell River to visit with my Nana. She maybe Trendy with her little size 4 wedges, but she is a little out of the loop when it comes to the wonderful world we call the internet!

I was hoping to try and connect to a neighbors connection - BUT since I assume that both sides are probably nearing their 80's, chances are I'm going to be out of luck. However the good news is they got a Starbucks there about 2 years ago and this means FREE WIRELESS CONNECTION that I hope to get to at sometime through out the weekend to catch up!

I hope to try and hit some random stores we don't have here in Vancouver {for obvious reasons} and see if I cant pick up something I can "work-with" in my closet... TeeHee

Have a Great Weekend without me *tear*!

PS: Fashion Friday will still be done but not posted until Sunday or Monday. Get ready for some serious COMFY attire... your going to see how I dress {and maybe even the husband} when we get aboard a 6 hour trek in the car! Yuck!

Yours Truly

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