Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tea Tasting: Ginger Peach & Apricot

Tea Company: Boston Tea Company

Tea Name: Ginger Peach & Apricot
{Spice up your cup with fragrant Asian ginger and the sweet essences of juicy peaches and apricots, that blend beautifully with our premium Chinese black tea. Take a peek at the delectable mix of our fabulous full leaf black tea in our clear-topped copper tin!}

Tea Type: Black

Tea Tasting Location: Nana Carmen House - Cozy at the Coffee Table with the best company ever.... Carmen Jayne

Tea Accompaniments: Both Carmen Jayne and I added only milk or cream. It smelt a little too fruity for us to o pouring in our milk with ease. 

Leave Rating: Carmen Jayne: 4.2 | Me, myself and I: 4.3
5 for the best and 1 for the worst

Liquor Color: Reddish-Brown, with the edges a tone or two lighter and an Amber center. Again if I could make a Gem-Stone out of Steeped Tea, let me tell you - I would be the next brazillionaire.

Aroma:  Both CJ and I caught an Apple-ish aroma. So very fall and just perfect for the evening we were having. We initially caught a honey sweet smell with a tail end of citrus {we both think lemon} and of course how could you not fall asleep to the smell of sweet ginger. Quite impressed with how much we could actually put together into words at just a smell. 

Taste From all the smelling we were doing - we just couldn't get enough I think the taste really took us off-guard. We had verbally set ourselves up for a sweet, fruity concoction - however at first sip their was a Bold, Full-Bodied and Malty taste that obviously came from the Black Tea ... Duh! The two if us just looked at one another a little taken back. What? We took about 3 or 4 before any words actually surfaced. Ha Ha Ha - After we could actually get some words out we defiantly could taste the fruity/citrus flavors of the Peach and it almost had a bite. Really quite re-freshing for a black tea.  

If anyone out there has a battle when they are deciding what to steep being something fruity and something bold.... look now more. Boston Tea Companies Ginger Peach & Apricot Black Tea is your new BFF....well that is next to me of course :)

Yours Truly


Ife' said...

wow, you make tea sounds like such an experience. I can damn near smell and taste it myself! LOL

Jodi said...

Funky photos and you have amazing hair girl!! that tea sounds sooo good. While I love the smell of coffee I am not a coffee drinker.. tea all the way... rooibos, honeybush, earl grey, green teas.. oh I love them all... I have to meet up with you sometime when I'm in Van for work!!!

yum!!! xox J

MizzJ said...

Mmm I do appreciate a good tea, and this one sounds like it smells lovely! Drinking tea with ginger is supposed to be great for sore throats too.

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