Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mini-Vacation | Tea 3x a Day

As you know I was away on a mini-vacation {if you will} with my husband visiting my Nana on the Sunshine Coast. She lives in a little town called Powell River. 

Population: 21,172

Sammy and I have been meaning to make our way to visit her - however being so busy with Home Renovations and Life in general - it has slipped away far too many time to count {however if you ask Nana, she probably knows}.... Departing our Home at 8:00am Friday morning we arrived at Nana's House by 1:45pm. Just shy of 6 hours its quite a trek...however worth every second when we arrive to the smell of Lunch..... Chicken Soup and Maltese Pastizzis. 

Taste: "oh my god"

Friday was filled with a fabulous Dinner at my Aunt's House. Fit for an Italian, we ate Pasta in a Red Meat Sauce, Garlic Bread and Salad. Visited with family from all over including 2 new babies that have entered into our family.

Saturday we spent the morning eating {common we're European, no - thank you mean, yes - more please}. After cleaning up after breakfast Nana started in teaching me the diamond of all recipes that I have always wanted to master. Not really because I want to make it for everyone on this side of the water - but really just to make my Nana proud. 

Later on that afternoon we went into town {and by by this I mean down the street} to the Ferry Terminal coming from Campbell River to pick up my cousin Carmen Jayne who was going to join us for the rest of the weekend. After we picked up CJ we hit the local mall to replace my Nana's Christmas Tree that decided to call 'er quites this year. Found a new one and then off to Lunch out...Nana's Favorite Chinese all-you-can/dare-eat. After which we headed back home to rest and make room for Dinner. That Evening Nana made a special Dinner for Sammy since it was recently his Birthday...Rabbit. CJ and I rejected the furry offer and opted for Chicken.

Which now brings me to my tasting. While Sammy was watching hockey, Carmen Jayne and I decided to do a Tea Tasting. I love do Tastings with my family.... they are always so excited about it and it makes me think that maybe, just maybe, I'm not the only one who loves the leaf so much!

PS: Thank you Auntie Debbie for not only arranging the gathering but putting on such an amazing Dinner. Thank you Nana Carmen for being so patient with Sammy and I getting our acts together and coming out to visit you - oh yeah and also housing us in your cozy cozy home - just as I like it HOT HOT HOT. Thank you Nana Kay for making Sammy's ever so well-known and overly yummy 7-up Birthday Cake... Looks like your new oven passes my test. Last but not least Thank you Carmen Jayne for being such an awesome cousin.... oh yeah and coming out and seeing us for our mini-vacation! LOVE YOU ALL!

Yours Truly

 {on the 1st ferry....attempting to take Fashion Friday Shot....Fail.... too cold}

{Nana, AJ, Carmen Jayne & Moi....Sipping on some Boston Tea Company Pineapple Paradise} 

{Now tell me I don't have the cutest Nana EVER!...Curry, Basil and Mint}

{Little bit of a snow fall on our way home on Sunday

{Singing to the Women of the 80's.... God I love this man.... His little smirk and all}  


J'Anns Boutique said...

Speaking of tea...was reading Style and Home and saw these and thought of you (or your blog) hehe.


JIN @ Curly + Nerdy said...

looks like you had a great time

QueenDiva said...

Your family looks great. But I just had to stop by and comment on how GREAT your hair is... Love it when its down because those curls are what my hair dreams are made of... :)

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