Friday, November 05, 2010

Fashion Friday: Casual Days

Today was all about Comfort. This is how I normally "roll", I'd say 70% of the time. I thought I might as well give the Casual Days a little spotlight since its well deserved.

On my shop across the line, I purchased the ever so amazing pair of Converse that I had been eyeing since seeing them in a "Fellow Fashion Bloggers" Casual Closet. I had a list of "must finds" that these babies made their name on... on our last day in Washington we hit Seattle Premium Outlets and my husband dragged me into Converse hoping to find the LAST item on my list with great success. Seeings as my budget only had $18 left in it my only option really, if I found them, was to put on the pout, and explain how I NEED these those for my Wardrobe OR leave them behind. 

In the store I go... straight to the back wall that said SALE... and would you believe it. I found these lovely ladies in my size for $19.98!!!! No begging needed.... Took them up to the till, along with my husbands socks that he so desired, while the dapper young man rung everything up he asks for my method of payment for my bill of $16.89?!?! Wait? What?! My husband looks at me giving me the eyes "don't you dare question him"... I gave him our Credit Card and off we went. Thats right! I got them on sale EVEN MORE... $9.98!

Happiest Girl EVER!

So tell me...what do you think? Do I pass on the Casual Friday Attire? Who else has some Converse that they need to take out of the box and work it into the mix? I challenge you all now. Bring on the Converse, new or vintage... SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!

Yours Truly 


Shirt | Old Navy {purchased ages ago}
Jacket | Vintage
Tights | H&M {purchased for $15.00 - purchased 2 seasons ago}
Shoes | Converse {purchased for $9.98}
Belt | Joe Fresh {purchased ages ago}
Scarf | Gift


Ife' said...

I love this! I have no idea how to dress casually. Like seriously, I suck at it. I always end up looking like a bum. You, on the other hand look casually chic. All black + plaid scarf + grey converse = simply fab. I love the mix of textures and subtle pops of color!

aanjsmom said...

LOL....I just enjoyed the part about the glare to your hubby. ....: )

Anonymous said...

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