Thursday, November 04, 2010

In Love with I the only one? I think not!

Shock Boutiuqe has become my most recent OBSESSION... Stumbled across them about a week ago and have not been able to keep them off my browsers since! I am madly lusting over the Kim Kardashian Section they have {I may not have any idea how she and her family ever made it in Hollywood, however I can still appreciate her style}. Outfits that are similar to K-Dash at a fraction of the cost... seriously could you ask for anything more?

Cannot wait for my first purchase(s). Ive got lots on the WANT List however I have to narrow it down to a NEED List. I hate having the Credit Card Bills come to my house at the end of the month... Boo to Adult Responsibilities.

Any of the below making an appearance at your dreams at night... I know they will be in mine tonight... 

Ayrn K Sweater Blazer {$90} - buy it here
Caged Strap Wedge {$40} buy them here
Sequin Pocket Tee {$34} buy it here
Military Menswear Jacket {$72} buy it here
Two-Tone Watch {$68} buy it here
Blaque Label Exaggerated Shoulder ($124} buy it here
Line & Dot Silk Polka Dot Blouse {$62} buy it here
Faux Fur Bag in Mink {$79} buy it here
Silk Polka Dot Kimono Cardy {$68} buy it here 
Tiger Tank with Rhinestones in Olive {$20) buy it here
Grey Suede Over-The-Knee Boot {$54} buy them here
Leather Pocket Military Jacket {$144} buy it here
Leopard Cardigan {$49} buy it here


Curves ahead makeup said...

wow that's great picks everything looks amazing !!!

J'Anns Boutique said...

Never heard of them before. I am in love now! lol

Ife' said...

oh wow! these are some great picks. Love the polka dot tops!

LahTeaDah said...

Hey Ladies....

I am still having a hard time choosing. I love love the Military Jacket and the Kimono Cardy - they just seem to speak to me.

Glad I was able to shine a little light on a store you all didnt know about ;) Looks like I can head back to bed now... I have done enough good for the world today!

Shop your little hearts out... the prices are uber affordable.

Yours Truly

aanjsmom said...

Geeze, I was going through all the photos and then hitting the site, I then realized, I had not commented on your blog. ha ha! thanx for the fashion link. = )

Anonymous said...

Great post. Im so glad i came across you blog. Its so great. your an amzing and inspiring blogger !! :) Im a new follower on your blog, check my blog out if you have time. I would really appreciate it :)

merciblahblah said...

Woman! I had never heard of that store until I saw it on your blog, and spent waaaay too much time browsing it this weekend. Their stuff is SO FRIGGING CUTE and affordable. How many kimono jackets does one need, however? Apparently, I need several. Guh.


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