Friday, December 03, 2010

Review: Leopard Scarf c/o Affordable Scarves

As you all can see from my Post Title... This weeks Fashion Friday has been modified just a "tad". Of course you will still see me and my fun, yet awkwardly silly poses.... however - the outfit was not inspired by what I could grab in the dark before waking Sammy, but perfectly worked around a Fabulous Scarf that was sent to me via Affordable Scarves.

The Scarf I chose on their site was a style of one that I had been eye'ing for quite sometime... So of course for me it was a no-brain'er. I was beyond excited when asked to chose anything I desired - this is when I would have agreed that the "fly-on-the-wall" saying was less stalker-exboyfriend-creepy and more youtube-video-worthy

I received my much anticipated parcel in the mail early this week and I literally could not be happier for Friday to get here. I have already worn it twice - before today's ensemble. Today's outfit was worked around this scarf only because it has every right to be the signature piece in an outfit. But because, It's Loud, Its Proud and......damn-it.....It's Leopard!


Scarf Review

Our Noel Print Scarf is an adorable scarf complete with a big leopard print design.  This scarf would dress any outfit up and can be worn all year long.  It can also be taken to the movies, dinner, on an airplane, or anywhere you might get a little chilly and used as a shawl.  

- Lusciously Soft
- Long Length
- Ridiculously Versatile 
- Fabulous Price
- that I only have 1 ;)

COMMENTS: This Scarf is even better in person than online {I could never have imagined}. As mentioned above, I saw this print online and knew I had to have it hanging on my neck this Season. It is so soft, I can't even begin to makes my goose-bumps go into hibernation.  Its length makes my creative juices so wild... I could use this so many other ways other than just keeping my neck warm & chic. I could use it a shawl {obviously} and I bet I could even use it as a skirt, pinned and belted. Sounds like a DIY Fashion Friday to me. The Quality of this Scarf is Fabulous, especially when you compare it to its friend.... "cost". At $14.95 you can't go wrong. In fact you'd be crazy to not buy a few.


Now - I'm giving all you the inside scoop here - so soak it in! Monday, I'm going to be hosting a Giveaway along with Affordable Scarves. Cut and Dry - Straight to the Point.... Your going to have the opportunity to win your own Scarf....You can pre-shop your little hearts out this weekend on their site. HAPPY FRIDAY!

Please Note: Affordable Scarves {} provided the scarf for my review. My opinions are my own, and I have not been compensated in any monetary amount for hosting this Review today or future Giveaway.

Yours Truly


Scarf | c/o Affordable Scarves {buy it here for $11.21 on sale; regular $14.95}
| Joe Fresh 
{from last season - no longer for sale - purchased for $18.00}
Jacket | H&M {purchased for $5.00 on sale from $69.00}

Skirt | LeChateau {purchased years ago}
Leggings | Buckle {not for sale online; purchased for $7.95}
Belt | Fred Meyer {not sold online; purchased for $12.00}
Boots | Seattle Premium Outlet {purchased for $5.00}
Socks | WestCoast Womens Show {purchased for $3.00}
Necklace | Gift
Earrings | Charlotte Russe - Rose Gem Stud Trio {purchase here for $4.00}
Purse | Gift


Ife' said...

Ahhhh HOT, HOT, HOT! I want that scarf! it's gorgeous, and the whole ensemble is rockin.

p.s. your hair is looking really good in these pics.

Can't wait for the giveaway :)

Pink Hibiscus said...

Oh man, I love animal print, and I love scarves.... This I gotta get! :)

Silly as it may sound, I've never seen a scarf worn like that... I think I gotta try it out some time. Much thanks for the inspiration!


blowfish said...

That scarf is so pretty! And I don't wear fashion scarves, I only wear the functional warm scarves, cause I don't know how to wear the fashion-ey ones. But you look so cool.

Shanalisa said...

Love the outfit - enough matchy matchy to make me happy and enuf not so the same to make you happy!

Pink Stilettos said...

I love the scarf and I like how you are rockin' it! Very stylish xoxo

Pink Stilettos

Brittany said...

I love seeing scarves worn like that it's almost like a cardigan. So cute!

dc said...

I just discovered your blog and I like it!
The scarf is relly nice, I love every animal print!

Froso M. said...

I love leopard scarves, and that was such a good review!

Froso from Style Nirvana

Miranda said...

That's an adorable scarf, I just started following and you can enter my giveaway here:

sharonlei said...

Definitely a fun and affordable scarf. I own a few, but really have no actual use for them, since it's pretty humid year round in Hawaii!!! I still love scarves though.. they add a little something to an outfit. :)

xx Love & Aloha
***I'm hosting a Jeffrey Campbell Giveaway. Come Enter! :)

Londyn said...

Such pretty things!!

Lady Lipstick said...

Hey girl!!! I am glad you love the pics!!
I am loving this outfit on you! And I love how you belted the scarf. I have been wanting to do this with some of my scarfs, it looks so chic!


wintergurl said...

ur scarf and boots looks good and matched you

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