Friday, December 17, 2010

Fashion Friday: Vintage from within the Family

A good 6 or 7 months ago, my Nana Carmen {as seen busting a move here} gave me a cape that she had owned. She asked I put it to good use and mentioned she could not foresee herself wearing it again however thinks I would really enjoy it. Of course I didn't put up a fight, I had so many idea's on how I could work it into my daily life and of course my Fashion Posts. I made a few changes to it by cutting off all the tassels hanging at the bottom and I did think about changing its buttons, however I have yet to find anything I feel suitable. So for now, she stays this way....basking in her vintage glory.

Now not only do I have my love/passion/obsession for Tea to thank my Nana for, but my Fashion now too! 

On a side note: Sorry about the photo locations lately. But by the time I get off of work, its horror-movie-dark outside, and for my safety, and of course my photographer - its just best we do it indoors. 

Stay tuned on Monday for a Review on my Skirt {which I am wearing in this post} from Shock Boutique.

Yours Truly

{....let me leave you all with this montage... I call it "they should have never taught me how to use the automatic-photo setting" Shots}


Shirt LeChateau {purchased ages ago - forgot how much}
Cape | Vintage
Skirt | Shock Boutique - Maxi Skirt {purchased for $30.00; buy it here}
Shoes | Charlotte Russe {purchased for $5.00}
Belt | Fred Meyer {not sold online; purchased for $12.00}
Necklace | Gift
Bracelets | Charlotte Russe {no longer for sale online; but similar here}


Sweet Laundry said...

These shoes are hot! And you look like you're having so much fun in front of the camera :)


make the world a prettier place said...

Those shoes are FABULOUS!! I can't believe you bought them for $5!! That's a great find!
Marie xx

maggeygrace said...

That sweater looks so cozy:) I love!

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