Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Take-Me-Away-Tuesday {Greece, Crete}

{Greece, Crete}

"Take-Me-Away" Tuesday: We {crystal & I} send one another someplace far far away {or not so far} to either bask in the sun or curl up by the fire. We then choose the city along with a desired local hotspot {IE: Night-Club, Shopping District, Spa, Restaurant, etc.}. We choose an outfit to wear while we are on our faux-vacation.

This little project for Tuesday's is to help with our Winter Blues and of course out empty pockets. Who needs to travel when you have an imagination.... and Polyvore!

Yours Truly

Country: Greece
City: Crete
HotSpot: A local eatery. Owned and Operated by the Astionopolois Family. My husband and I visited there almost every evening for Fresh Baked Baklava... best in town!
Outfit Cost: $3,346


va said...

I would love to visit Greece . When did you travel there ?
sounds wonderful

LahTeaDah said...

Hey Va! Wish I could say I have been to Greece but this was only a Faux-Vacation that I dream about at night :)

a Girlfriend and I have a Fashion Task to do daily and Tuesday is Take-Me-Away-Tuesday and she sent me to Greece :)

We have to make up a little story on where we would make the outfit that we styled...

Yours Truly

aanjsmom said...

where has your favourite Faux place been so far? where did you send her? cute idea!

LahTeaDah said...

Hey Aanjsmom!

I sent Crystal to London England! She made a pretty rad story and outfit - I must admit! Check it out....


Curious to see where she sends me NEXT Tuesday.....

Yours Truly

Chanel Craves said...

I would love to go there!!! Love the outfit you put together. You have great style.


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