Friday, October 15, 2010

Fashion Friday: A'hoy

So for some reason when I see this blazer I think of a silly old man on a sail boat. Don't ask...I just do okay?!? Gilligan's Island comes to mind and the cute little white caps they wear pops into my crazy little head.
Okay...enough about how I put horrible tags on my outfits... just love it like me will you!

I did a little DIY on this Jacket as I found is lacked luster... I pulled off its buttons replacing them with these gold babies... I also added a few to the collar for some added approve followers? I did this DIY ages ago, about 3 months ago I shoulda taken photos of the before and after but this was far before I decided to use you all as my mirror {in which I still don't own a full length one for the house boo-urns!}.

The scarf is a new addition to the wardrobe and its a Vintage... I pretty much love it like I love my candy corn, if I could find it in more colors I would. But I managed to snag this one and one in navy. Made me feel like I had striked it rich {I know, that's not a word...but just give it to me for today, okay}.

As you all know I am planning on hoping the line this weekend {with the husband and some friends}and hopefully snagging some serious fall fashion deals.  Its extra fancy now that the dollar is at par, which means I can spend that much more {right Sammy?!?!}.... we had a minor "loud talking" tiff about this last night, I honestly don't think men will ever understand women and their love, need, desire for clothing. I'm guessing its really not an issue of his, the issues lays that I have no boundaries... If I had a brazillions dollars in the bank she would be spent! Thank you "Sammy" for keeping me in check with reality and thank you for giving in to me when I say "but I really, really love it" - that's love if you ask me!

Yours Truly


Shirt: Joe Fresh {purchased for $18.00; 1 years ago}
Blazer: LaChateau {purchased for $85.00; 8 years ago}
Jeans: Old Navy - Skinny Cords {on sale here, for $16.00}
Shoes: LaChateau {purchase for $69.00; 4 years ago}
Scarf: Vintage
Necklace & Bracelet: Gifted
Sunnies: Charlotte Russe {purchased for $8.00; no longer for sale online}
Purse: Nine West {purchased for $39.00; at Nine West Outlet in Hawaii}

*Wore my hair to work in 6 braids Thursday Morning and let it air dry for the day. Prior to braiding I used Paul Mitchell's Sculpting Foam with some KMS California Flatout Straightening Cream  

Step 1: Undid bottom braids
Step 2: Blew Dry {with what moisture that was left} with a Round Blowdryig Brush {like here}
Step 3: Straighten in 3 stages {Bottom, Middle and Top} with a Royale Professional Ceramic Straightener


aanjsmom said... I'm humming Gilligan's theme song for the rest of the dang day....but you DO look tres chic ; )

Ife' said...

haha! no, unfortunately, they will NEVER understand. LOL! fortunately, I am a bargain shopper and Mr. Fabrice approves of most of my purchases.

Great find on the scarf, and I love that bag.

I need anothe white blazer. The one I have is a jersey knit material and I need something more structured.

Keep on rockin the skinny cords!!! ;)

Eboni Ife'

Anonymous said...

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