Thursday, October 07, 2010

Time to Celebrate....Contest to come!

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We reached 20 Followers. Yah {the crowd goes wild}!

Thanks to QueenDiva from QueenDivaFashion for being my newest lovely friend. Oh boy...Oh boy...this means good things. Not only does this mean I am making it in the world of blogging, but it means today, I officially have more friends than Mel Gibson! I'm really going places guys! I can almost see my name in lights.... almost!

As promised, when LahTeaDah hit 20 Followers, I'd do my first ever Contest. Since I am a women of my word, come Monday I will have Contest details available for you all to oogle over. I would love the weekend to come up with something GOOD and meaningful if you will, so put on your friggin' patients panties will you! 

* If you cannot find them, I suggest contacting "the fashionista next door";  Ife, who might be able to hook you up with a pair that she has laying around since I didn't miss last weeks Fashion Friday. TeeHee 

So come back monday.... and get ready to get your "comment" on! Its a contest your not going to wanna miss.....It might be Warm, is might be Cozy and it just might be Fashionable. 

Yours Truly

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