Monday, October 18, 2010

Shopping across the line....

The saying "I cleaned house" pretty much an understatement for this past weekend across the border. As you all know I have been anticipating this trip across the line as much as I was of the booting off of the "hoff" on dancing with the stars.

24 hours prior to our departure my husband and I had "the talk" about what we would budget for across the line. Of course I attacked this conversation with crossed arms and a serious pout. We have lots going on in the house "renovation wise" that I should have seen it coming. Anyways... the verdict was we were only going to spend $100 each - however I added into the contract small print that if he didn't spend his allotted budget that I could use his too :) Ha Ha Ha

This is where I now think that a Career change is in order. Not only did I meet my budget {$100.18} but the husband went over by $20.00 - no word of a lie. The shopping gods above were on my side, as upon walking into Charlotte Russe they had massive $5 and $10 sales going on that I literally cleared them out with. Your Welcome Charlotte Russe...for helping you clean up your floor! My girlfriend and I were in CR for about an hour walking out with stuffed bags in hand.

{I like how flushed I am in the top photo....this is what massive sale shopping does to me}

I did hit Target and had only a little bit of luck putting about 5 things on hold. However at the end of the day to be honest I never went back to collect. They were in the like side of the closet and not love.

We hit the hotel, had some lunch and then made our way to Alderwood Mall. The first store on the "hit list" was Forever21.... after searching and searching, Maria and I came to the fact that we are just a smidg to old for the trends they have in store at the moment. With her husband adding that we need a Forever40...Ouch! We did however find another store that rocked. It was kitty korner from Forever21 called LoveCulture. Same price point as Forever21 however a little more professional in a trendy sorta way. Scored a Dress there for $10.

We knew that we would be hitting Seattle Premium Outlet on our venture home the next morning so after this we called 'er quits. Back to the hotel to rest {and by rest we mean watch the marathon of Jersey Shore - oh gawd, my husbands new recent love}....and then off to Dinner. The husband wanted Red Lobster, from the request of my husband,  any restaurant that was NOT available to us in Canada, however with a 45minute wait and 3 hungry hungry men on our hands the executive decision was made to hop across the street to Olive Garden. 

We woke up rested {thanks to the Hampton Inn's amazing bedding} and started the day with a warm breakfast, again thanks to Mr Hampton for introducing a new morning food to our routine....Biscuits and Gravy! Oh Boy... how my thighs thank you! We left, and were on the road well on our way for Shopping Day #2 by noon. Once making our way to the Seattle Premium Outlets...Maria and I noticed their was a Michael Kors Outlet...we knew the day would be dream worthy. The boys followed up from store to store mixing in a few of their own {converse, lucky, true religion, nike, adidas and puma}. I snapped up a pair of Grey Sweater Converse that I had been eye'ing thanks to Sakina from Saks in the City recent post of what she wears on her casual days.

Once we got in the car, pulled out all the receipts preparing for our nerve wrenching border cross {don't ask me why we get nervous...we claim everything...their is just some sorta fear with border guards and the thoughts of them taking away my newest additions to my wardrobe}. We did the grand totals....

Sammy: $120.96
Tairalyn: $100.18

Damn Skippy! Now tell me how perfect this was? I knew the next hour trip to the border would be filled with "face rubbing" and "you wanna see the break down again" talks between myself and Sammy. Ha Ha! I love it....I honestly think a career change is in order. I rock at finding clothing at wicked deals. I just LOVE to shop! If it was an Art Form I'd be Picasso.

Now....its time to share my finds...ENJOY!

Yours Truly 

{Zipper Leggings from Buckle | $7.95 - not for sale online}

{Stripped Boycon Skirt from Forever21 | $6.50 - buy it here}

{Grey & Rose Dress from LoveCulture | $9.99 - not for sale online}

{Open Knit and Leopard Print Fashion Tights from Charlotte Russe | $7.50 each - Buy 1 get 1 50% off - buy it here and here}  

{Long Sleeve all over Lace Top from Charlotte Russe | $10.00 - buy it here}

{Solid Pencil Skirt from Charlotte Russe | $10.00 but $20.00 online - buy it here}

{Grey Sweater Blazer from Charlotte Russe | $10.00 - not for sale online}


fashionismyh2o said...

Ohhh those leggins with zips look amazing :)

Following you now x

kristin marie said...

Awww why don't I ever find that much cute stuff when I go to C.R?


Lucky you, you scored with cute stuff !



20 York Street said...

You went to all these places and only spent $100? Wow, impressive! The goodies you came home with are fantastic picks!


Win a fabulous Yola Couture Designer’s Dress at:


LahTeaDah said...

Why thank you Ladies... if I do say so myself I am faily happy with my purchases :) TeeHee

20 YORK STREET: I take great pride in searching out the great deals...but dont get me wrong I would have paid all full price for these babies... I just got lucky {as always}.

Dont you ladies forget to enter my contest....

Yours Truly

aanjsmom said...

LOVE that blazer!!!!!!!!!

Andrea said...

I totally forgot that you went to the states... fun times. I love the leopard tights that you got, those are tooooo cute! And I am officially shocked that you only spend $100.18, Sammy should be ashamed of himself for overspending like that! ha ha. Good times!

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