Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hold your Horses...please!

So.... I had full intentions on having my first contest Monday {yesterday} however with the combination of my 3rd Thanksgiving Dinner in my system and having to clean, shop and prepare the first annual Ciuarellosa Thanksgiving Dinner... I had my hands just a little bit full.

{Ciuarellosa = a combination of 3 family names - to form a random last name that we would wish upon nobody. I guess this is what happens when you combine last names ending in lla, elli and osa - I should have known better than to combine 3 Italian last names}

All the wives got together to shop, cook and bake things we couldn't even pronounce, while our menworked overtime, cleaned house and shopped at Home Depot. Looks like we got the short end of the stick!  

NOW....back to the Giveaway!

I have about half of the goods figured out, so give me a few more days to work on it. I want this bad boy to be a gooder....so have patients with me please!

Yours Truly


Andrea said...

Yay, I can finally be a part of the followers and the contest opportunities! I have a lot of Lahteadah catching up reading to do. Keep up the great work :)

aanjsmom said...

ok, LAHTEADAH, I'm here from Heather and Jenn's page! so I'm warning you right now, I am a true follower, let's not mistake that for stalking, okay???? : P
this is great! my Grandmother would be SOOOOO proud of me. ( I am a coffee girl by heart ) and she defined elegance as a tea sipper. : )
here I am!!!!! teach me!!!!! : )

LahTeaDah said...

Thank yo Ladies for becoming my newest followers :) confuse it for stalking...I dont care as long as SOMEONE is paying attention its better than nothing. They can't send me to the crazy home when someone listens :)

I will not let you down aanjsmom.... Ill teach you all you need to know about loving and sipping the leaf.... just enough to make your nana proud!

Yours Truly


aanjsmom said...

well, I must say, there has to be SOME form of a tea girl hiding inside me...you should see my lil' collection of tea cups! hee hee!( they were all my grandmother's...and when she passed, I couldn't fathom the idea of selling them!!!! Ack!) so I have them out and about( on shelves and such)...... maybe I need to wash some out, and enjoy "some" of my favourite teas. : P
question: as I was scrolling through the posts, do you get tea and follow a "rule" on how and what to drink them with? or do you have a "certain way" you enjoy your tea time?

LahTeaDah said...

I think their is in everyone! Its just some choose to drown it with coffee beans :)

I would LOVE to see your little collection... better yet I'f love for you to photograph them and send them to me with a little story about your Grandma... and ode to nana if you will... I would love to guest post you on the site - I think i'd be fun! Give it some thought. E-mail me lahteadahxoxo@gmail.com

I have 1 rule when I drink Tea and it is to savor every sip. I accompany my tea with what I feel it would get along with. Every cup of standard black tea gets cream and sugar however thanks to DAVIDsTEA Im finding a lot of Chai's to go great with Cream and Brown Sugar :) Green and White Tea's I normalyl leave alone with only a dolup of Honey {if needed}... I really just go with my gut, after first smiff I can usually tell what would go fabulously with it.

PS: My best told me that you supposed to {as per her nana} mix in your cream or milk and sugar in your cup prior to adding the steeped Tea.

PPS: My mama says you should warm up your tea cup first {with pouring in some boiling water in your cup" while the tea steeps, dumping it out and re-filling it with Tea... makes the warm tea last longer :)

Yours Truly

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