Friday, October 01, 2010

Fashion Friday | Pucker Up Big Boy!

....The Beattles were wrong by saying that money can't buy me love. Cuz money, well it buys me lipstick...and these hot pink lips make my heart skip a beat .....I should have known better than to believe them anyways. They also tried to trick me into believing that their is a Gardening Octopus in the Sky. Jeeze!

Quick Story: Last night I had to run off to the mall to find two things.
1) the best Baby Shower Gift EVER...and
2) a Birthday Gift for a Girlfriend of mine.
We all have to remember that when I go to the mall if I am buying something for someone else - their must be something for me in the mix. Blame this on my mother, what can I say, I'm a spoiled brat!

First store....H&M
I found a fabulous XXXXX {can't say, she might be reading}. I couldn't help myself from gravitating to the SALE rack to find something that I could boast about today. I always have such wicked luck on the red tag racks. After riffling through, I found this amazing Tan Bomber {style} Jacket that I oogled over for a good 45 seconds before I noticed I was standing in front of the mirrow while others were waiting to use it. $69 down to $5!!! Are you F*cking Kidding Me?.... {I seriously said that aloud}. I hid it under my arm as if I was a running back making the touchdown of the season....or something like that. Nobody and their size 12 frame was going to come between me and this baby!! No Body! Up to the till I went and paid for my glorious finds.

Second store....The Children's Place
I had a vision of exactly what I wanted to get... cupcake hightops, a cupcake hoodie, a pink onsie and a pair of badass distressed Jeans. Well 3 for 4 ain't bad. They had no distressed Jeans, so I had to settle for ash colored skinny Jeans with ruffles on the bum. Still way cute, just a little less "I'm gonna throw these pureed carrots in your face" and a little more "let me share the icing off my cupcake with you".

Left the mall within the hour and felt quite pleased with myself. Not only am I going to be ultra chic in this new jacket, but I am going to be the coolest auntie in town and the bestest friend gift-give ever!

Okay - so the "quick story" wasn't so speedy. You should know that by now anyways. I am horrible and making this stuff cut-dry! Suck it up.... and enjoy my Fashion Friday will you?!?!

Yours Truly


Jacket | H&M {On sale from $69.00 to $5.00}
Shirt | Joe Fresh {from last season - no longer for sale - purchased for $18.00}
Jeans | Joe Fresh {from last season - no longer for sale - purchase onsale for $19.00}
ShoesWalmart {on clearance for $9.00}
Scarf  | XXXXXX {can you believe I cannot even remember where I got it}
Necklace & Bracelets | Joe Fresh {from last season - no longer on sale - purchased for $12.00}
Purse | Avon - Lock & Chain Bag {purchased for $38.00}


*Sorry, did nothing fancy. I literally woke up, and put a clip in it. This is one of the many great features of having Afro-Curly Hair.... You can't really tell when it's messy!


LaToya said...

You are so funny! Money can't buy me love but it can buy me abit of happiness :) Very cool outfit btw. That scarf is a nice addition!


Jennifer Kirk Photography said...

Ummm... OMG this outfit rocks! And I LOOOOVE the closeup detail shots, couldn't have done better myself ;) teehee. Jacket score FTW!

Diana Mieczan said...

That is such a great outfit...and I love your hair:)
happy Monday

Ife' said...

No really, are you f'in kidding us! $5!!!!!!! wow. great find. love how you accessorized this look with the leopard scarf and a single string of big pearls. Fabulous.

Now you're teachin me! about accesories :)


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