Wednesday, October 27, 2010

SugarDaddy Wednesday

SugarDaddy Wednesday

Sugar-Daddy Wednesday is all about having absolutely no budget, no conscience and of course no looking back! This weeks Sugar-Daddy Wednesday was all about the Feet. Boots, Pumps, Flats and of course the sitting only Shoes that you just have to have!

Go ahead! Have your own Sugar-Daddy Wednesday... What would you buy if someone else was happily flipping the bill?

Yours Truly


Chanel Craves said...

I want all of those shoes!!!!

Jodi said...

hmmm I would take the Luisaviaroma booties and the red shoes of course!!

oh wouldnt that be nice!! although maybe a sugar daddy would get boring really fast? I have never had one so wouldnt know.. but might be nice to try for a month or 2 or maybe 6 or 2 12.. hah hah

great post!! makes me use my imagination xoxo

Jessica said...

Great picks! I would buy me a new handbag either LV or Chanel. A girl can dream, right!

Sarah Jane said...

I love the Luis Aviaroma wedge booties, those are sick! I really need a sugar daddy lol

Sarah Jane R.

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