Friday, October 29, 2010

Fashion Friday: Geek Chic

Steve Urkal, Carlton Banks and Screech ain't got nothing on me. The "Geek-Chic" Fashion Statement that we have all grown to LOVE or HATE has made it way to my wardrobe.  I won't lie, when I first saw this on Brittany Spears I thought she was heading on another one of her trips to the padded room, however I will be the first to confess that this trend has grown on me over time. 

I bring you today an outfit that not only mixes colors, textures and comfort zones, but combines a lot of things I vowed I would never wear {for no particular reason, other than thinking I couldn't pull it off}. Whether its a hit or miss is really not a concern of mine, as I like it. I feel cute in it and thats really all that matter when it comes to Fashion. As long as you feel good on the inside, then what opinions are lurking around us mean as much as the pavement we walk on {nothing}!

These glasses are a trial pair that were gifted to me by a fellow Fashionista {CrystalJoy} and my REAL pair should be coming in the mail within the next week which I have purchased online {thank you ebay}. 

Yours Truly

{didn't get to pose w/ the purse on the shoot, so I had the husband do another shot at home}


Shirt | Forever21 {purchased ages ago}
Vest | Reitmans {purchased ages ago}
Skirt | Target {purchased for $16.99 - buy it here}
Tights | Charlotte Russe {purchased for $7.50 - no longer online but similar here}
Socks | WestCoast Womens Show {purchased for $3.00}
Shoes | {purchased for $5.00}
Purse | Vintage Shop - Fendi {purchased for $10.00}

**do I know if it's real, no... but everything about it says YES!**
Necklace | Charlotte Russe {not for sale online}


Ife' said...

i love the textured tights + OTK socks look! I just bought some polka dot tights that I plan on pairing with OTK socks, too!

You look so cute, and THAT BAG!!!!!! great buy!

va said...

I love your curly hair , I have it too . How do you manage it ?

Judy said...

Love your interpretation of geek chic!


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