Tuesday, October 05, 2010

DAVIDsTEA Package Arrival

Tea Lovers... your going to want to be all ears for this package arrival!

This evening when I got home from work I was greeted by a package from my new friends at DAVIDsTEA. I pretty much opened the {ever so impossible and pointless} bullet proof packaging at the front stoop I was way too excited to wait. I was completely unaware of what they were sending me for some fall excitement...Ha Ha

Upon opening the package I say 2 packages of literature about their available tea's as well as an extra special pamphlet of their Fall Inspired Tea's.... "oh boy, oh boy....cozy comforting goodness all rolled up in a cup".

Pure Chai {buy it here, starting at $6.50}

Coco Chai Rooibos {buy it here, starting at $5.50}
and........ Drum Roll Please:
Pumpkin Chai {buy it here, starting at $6.75}

I couldn't wait to get my sip on.... I literally couldn't wait. As we speak I'm lusting over a cup of Cozy Pumpkin Chai while I determine in my head if this takes the cake for "top spot" of my favorite tea's of all! Seriously this stuff is better than gold.... forget Diamonds Earrings this year for Christmas, I want the biggest bag of DAVIDsTEA Pumpkin Chai that money can buy.

Come back tomorrow for the review in details.

PS: Sammy....Baby, I don't mean that... I do still really want Diamonds Earrings - but a 50g Bag of Pumpkin Chai would be a great stocking stuffer...in case your fishing for idea's.

Yours Truly

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