Thursday, October 07, 2010

Mustard...Oh how I love thee

Mellow Yellow....and Purple

I'm a Polyvore Virgin.......happy to say this afternoon I lost that horrible label......and made my first outfit. I must say, not only am I loving it, but I think I just added Mustard Pumps, an Eggplant Quilted Bag and Cropped Leather Gloves to my fall wish list for this upcoming road trip across the line.

Anyone else in love with this combo as much as I?

PS: I also think a DIY is in need for the following top. Not that it's not worth the $1,013.56 {Canadian dollars} but something tells me I'd be just as happy with one I could tear-up myself. No? What do you think... should I attempt it?

Yours Truly


Jennifer Kirk Photography said...

ok... I'm totally with you on THIS one... love mustard and purple, ooh la la! And yes... a DIY is indeed in order for that fabu top!

Collette Osuna said...

I LOVE Polyvore...when I first discovered it...I spent hours designing outfits, lol..very addicting!!

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LahTeaDah said...

Polyvore is beyond amazing. Oh man I could be on this baby all night all not good for the social life. and lets be honest the less time I spend OUTDOORS with friends the less outfits I need to obtain... and well thats just not good.

Miss Kirk: Im so glad you approve of my outfit this time. I can now sleep tonight. LOL

Yours Truly

andrea k (blonde bedhead) said...

I've been meaning to use Polyvore, I'm just a slow adapter of new technologies and programs haha! Love the shoes and the look you pulled together! Mustard color with purple=fab!

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