Friday, October 22, 2010

Fashion Friday: Lace, Leopard & Linen - Oh My!

Today was a little nerve racking for me to say the least. Instead of ensuring my outfit matched completey....shades, textures and styles... I went ahead and colored outside the lines. I pulled my outfit together last night as Sammy doesnt work on Friday's and I didnt want to wake him that early to choose an outfit {as we all know this something can be quite a task}. Laying it out last night, didnt help any as I couldnt wrap my head around the concept of not matching. Grey Lace, Black Pencil Skirt, Linen Bomber Style Jacket and Leopard Tights... It really sounds like a mish-mash of signature pieces, however I asked the husband what he thought this morning before I darted out the door and he said ... Oh La La, I loves its. So, I walk with a swagger today as I know that even though Im wearing a whole lotta smish.... my husband will always wanna "smush" {thanks jersey shore for making the word do damn classy}.

Yours Truly

{Say hello to Remy, this is my best friend Katy's Dog....she joined me on the first part of my Fashion Friday...distractions of Loud Traffic, Luscious Grass and Mum taking pictures didn't enable us to get her cute little face}

{...and I'm outta here...}

Lace Shirt | Charlotte Russe {purchased for $10.00 - buy it here}
Under Shirt | LaChateau {purchased ages ago - forgot how much}
Skirt | Charlotte Russe {purchsed for $10.00 - buy it here}
Tights | Charlotte Russe {purchased for $7.50 - buy it here}
Jacket | H&M {purchased for $5.00 on sale from $69.00}
Shoes | Charlotte Russe {purchased for $5.00}
Purse | Nine West {purchased for $39.00; at Nine West Outlet in Hawaii}
Earing & Ring | Charlotte Russe {purchased 2 for $8.00}
Bangle | LaChateau {purchased ages ago with the Undershirt - forgot how much}


Step 1: Rinsed with Hot Water
Step 2: Conditioned with Pantene Pro-V Conditioner
Step 3: Rinsed with COLD Water {as I have mentioned before, this seals in all the goodness}
Step 4: Towel Dry and "finger" comb through Pantene Pro-V Conditioner {same as what I used in the shower}
Step 5: Air Dry

*I will sometimes use the same conditioner in the shower that I will to style it. I find that Pantene is the perfect weight to keep my hair from drying and FUZZING into an Afro. So its my go to Conditioner for Leave-In and Wash out no doubt. Unless someone shows me otherwise I will always use this product.


aanjsmom said...

not sure I could do it.....but you CERTAINLY pulled it off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )
nicely done!
and nice plug for pantene..........they need to hire you.

Ife' said...

Hi-five for the hubby! Me likey,too! You know my philosophy about matching. totally overrated!

I want those tights!

Andrea said...

Unexpectedly stylish. I agree that it would have been a bit stressful putting the mis-matchy-ness all together. You rocked it!

Shanalisa said...

I just discovered the Pantene Pro-V Conditioner too! Love it! I actually use the shampoo once in a while too. Found it at - Check it out - get a travel size bottle and get a coupon too!!

LahTeaDah said...

Hey Ladies! Thanks for all your lovely comments... expecially after the crazy combo - I wasnt sure if I actually pulled it off!

aanjsmom: I am sure you could pull 'er off - If I can, You can! Pantene should hire me - your right! I am impressed as my hair is extremely curly {as you see} usually I have to use 4 and 5 products to make it do what I want.

Ife: your right - matching is over-rated! I shall color outside the lines more often!

Andrea: It was quite a mess indeed. trying to get on an outfit that DOESNT Traditonaly match without a full length mirror. I dont know if that HELPED or HINDERED the whole mind/body comfort zone... Glad you liked it!

Shanalisa: is my guilty pleasure! Ha Ha Ha thanks for the reminder - need to go get my coupons!

Yours Truly

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