Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tea Tasting: Autumn Harvest

Tea Company: Boston Tea Company

NameAutumn Harvest

{Like a harvest supper made with farm-fresh produce, this red tea serves up a bountiful cup of rich Fall flavors! With each sip, you ll lick your lips from the wondrous flavors of lemongrass, apple pieces, fragrant cinnamon, and rosehips, creating a tart and spicy blend of South African red rooibos.}

Type: Rooibos

Tea Tasting Location: Home...Work....Home {sipped last night, loved so much took it to work and sipped again with my ladies....then home to have a third and final sip before the posting}

Tea Accompaniments: All 3 Locations I used a splash of Cream and 2 scoops of Sugar

Leave Rating: 4.5
5 for the best and 1 for the worst

Liquor Color: A Beautiful Amber Tone with Watery Golden Edges. 

Aroma: "Autumn Harvest" was the perfect name for this Rooibos. Apples, Lemongrass, Cinnamon and Ginger is exactly what I got at first sniff. It took both me, my husband and my office co-workers back with its fall-inspired aromas. If I could wrap the Autumn Season into a Tea Bag - this one would take the cake. 

Taste: The Apple flavoring stood out to me with soft, yet striking under-tones of the citrus'y Lemongrass and bitter-sweet Cinnamon. Absolutely perfect for the rainy, grey weather that we have been having the past week. This Tea would be perfect with or without Cream and Sugar as I believe the Apple made the Tea sweet enough. 

This Tea is a definite must for the Cold, and Drowsy Fall Evenings...It warms the body all the way to your soul.  Thank you Boston Tea Company for once again making a Tea that not only puts me into a comfy-coma...but also warming my soul! 

Yours Truly


Charlie said...

Great photos, I'm sure I could just smell the tea (I'm crazy like that)!

Sarah said...

I love the mix of fashion and tea! I am a first time visitor to your site and am smitten! In particular I like that you described the color of the tea...that is my favorite part of drinking a new tea...the color is always a little bit of a surprise (is that also a good fashion tip?) Nice Blog!

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