Wednesday, January 12, 2011

...and the Winner is....

The Giveaway ended yesterday at 12:00pm PST ... with last minute entries it came very close to the wire! I'm very excited to announce the WINNER:

Number 40  | J'Anns Boutique

Again as some of you didn't quite read the instructions I had to create an excel spread sheet to figure out how many entries each of you got. Those who did it correctly. THANK YOU and those who did now... Lets hope you will take note and save me the extra tedious time spent next time :)

Thanks everyone who entered.... and I think I owe you another GIVEAWAY this week. My 100 Follower Goal. Let me tell you this one is a BOOZY - If you like Tea, Candles and Fashion well then this one just MIGHT be for you. Watch out for it!

1 comment:

J'Anns Boutique said...


*Clears throat*

"I'd like to thank the Blog-ademy, Tairalyn, LahTeaDah, and of course If I missed anyone I do apologize, I love you all" :-)

(forgive me its my first giveaway win)


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