Monday, January 17, 2011

Oh Boy! The Golden Globes....

So I watch the Golden Globes stickily for the Dresses.... and Johnny Depp... 

Seriously I don't watch many Movies that actually get nominated, as we all know my lust for Movies goes as far as Romantic Comedies featuring Adam Sandler, Ryan Reynolds and Jennifer Aniston.... and as far as daytime television goes - well again unless Jersey Shore got nominated for Best Poof or Fist Pumping Award, all the shows that got nominated were "French" to me. The only show I was routing for were Nurse Jackie and ..... Oh I watched Glee twice - so them too! Ha Ha

I recorded the Red Carpet which I will watch tonight but as far as the actual Awards went the Dresses were just Dazzling! Tons of LOVES and a few HATES.... Wanna see what I thought?

Not just because I love Sofia, she looks Stunning!
Curvy and Beautiful at its BEST! Even Mr. Depp agrees.... TeeHee 

Loving Emma's Simple Elegance... and this color is beyond smashing!  

Dislike her - love her gown. Was it cruel that I giggled when she almost slipped on stage ;)? 

This picture does this Dress no justice - and the necklace!?! Oh man.... just breathtaking

Love everything about this Dress - the Color, the Texture the Ruffles! 

I don't know what I love more, her Dress or her Hair. She is just gorgeous! 
Eat that Mr James!

The Dress is pretty don't get me wrong! But is it just me of did you see this gown featured as a 90's Prom Dress in "Seventeen"! 

Yuck! Just Yuck!


Katie said...

I am so with you on everything you loved and hated! I think Emma Stone's was my favorite... just so pretty! But that Eva Longoria dress... oh man, I love it!

Asteria said...

one of my fave would be Mila Kunis' stunning green dress!!*but these will do as well* lol

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