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I came across Miss Violet Lace on a Fellow Fashion Blogger Site {Little Chief Honeybee} not too long ago and instantly fell in love.  Krista and Sandy design one-of-a-kind Wigs for the Fashion Forward. These Hair Pieces are just beyond any words I can come up with in my silly little head. I have a serious crush on a good 10 of them myself however my heart aches and will until I get my hands/head into this one {Caramel Candy Curls} and this one {Grey Silver Straight}. 

I was over-the-moon excited when Krista agreed to an interview and even more excited when she answered the questions I sent her so quickly.

My 1st Fashion Feature: I give you Krista & Sandy - Miss Violet Lace

Q} With each style that you come up with, where do you take inspiration from?

A} We (Sandy & I) draw inspiration from music, art and nature. Those things are fuel for the soul, and make us push the limits of our creativity. As a designer, I take things from the everyday and try my best to make the extraordinary, there are no limits to what we create; we let our imaginations run free.

Bluebird - $104 

Q} What has been your absolute biggest accomplishment to date? What are you most proud of?

A} Our biggest accomplishment to me is a series of smaller accomplishments, which include reaching 400+ sales, being on the front page of Etsy (more than 5 times!), being featured in Etsy’s blog- The Storque twice and overall just being able to have steady sales. It means so much to me that so many people have responded so positively to our business, it makes all the hard work so worth it.

Poison Ivy - $86

Q} Where do you see yourself in 5 years with your Business? Can we count on you to always supply us lovely designer wigs?

A} I fully plan on running Miss Violet Lace as a full-time business for life, I would love to be able to leave my part-time outside job to pursue this career to its fullest. I have such a passion for fashion and hair, and I’m excited to continue!

Q} Show us your all-time favorite piece you have designed?

A} My favorite is Sugar Cupcake Taffy. It is a two-tone black w/ blue, and a turquoise top portion, with streaks of cotton candy pink blended in. It was my first two-tone wig, and is an original Miss Violet Lace design. We came up with the two tone design because there simply wasn’t that kind of wig style on the market, and we wanted to set ourselves apart as designers. It’s a design I’m very proud of, I think it turned out beautifully.

Q} Who is your favorite Designer when it comes to Fashion & Why?

A} My favorite designer is Betsey Johnson. Her designs are deliciously girly, flirty and fun! There’s never a lack of sparkle or fluff, just seeing her designs makes me smile. I love how creative she is, and it really shows through in her work.

Q} If you could design one of your pieces for a Celebrity, who would it be, what would it look like and why?

A} I would love to design a piece for Zooey Deschanel. She is my favorite actress of all time, she’s quirky, and has an incredibly upbeat and vibrant personality. The wig I would design would definitely be a little over-the-top, because I know she could pull it off. I’d love to do varying shades of pink and blue, those colors would suit her skin tone and eyes.

Q} If you had a chance to take anyone in the world for Afternoon Tea, who would it by, why and what would you sip?

A} I would choose Johnny Depp. I think he is a brilliant man who is very talented and funny. Plus let’s not deny, he’s gorgeous! I would probably drink milk, since I actually hate tea! (But it would be served in a teacup of course)

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J'Anns Boutique said...

They look great. Love the pin up girl!

šɑf said...

I'm not really into wigs but I loved this post! They seem amazing!

saf xx.

Sweet Laundry said...

This is such a great feature! My friends and I have been talking about how more and more celebrities are wearing wigs these days so I think there is definitely a market for it. I don't know if I would ever wear a wig, but these ones are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!


kristin marie said...

I also, have nvr thought about wearing a wig but running across her etsy last month I reallyh ave been thinkin about it!

They look awesome, some of them don't even seem like wigs!



Mary C said...

I loooove Wigs!! find them so funcy...and it's a way to change haircut or color without cut or dye your hair!
I love headband and hat too..I usually buy them from Etsy
Today I have buyed this with studs!! a little pin up a little rock and roll...thinking of buy a wig too!!look at the headband and reccomend me a wig!I really appreciate the advise!

Anonymous said...

Hey pretty lady,

I nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award!

Lisa Marie said...

WOWeeeee! I am very excited about these. I've been thinking I wanted to try something different and wouldn't it be fun to have one of these just to wear out & about with hubby for a fun little switch. I think this would make a good bday present for myself this summer! You're right--it's easy to find LOTS of these to "heart" in her shop!

Anonymous said...

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