Friday, May 21, 2010

IngenuiTEA - where have you been my whole life?

Stumbled across this fabulous website Adagio Teas ( which has some great gifts for Tea Lovers as well as their own brand of Loose Tea Leaves. Hoping to have the chance to order my first few items from them this weekend I couldn't wait to tell you about this product.

The IngenuiTEA - and for such an affordable price of $19 - seriously??!!?? where have you been my whole life.  Their is a video on their website home page that shows you exactly how it makes magic and after watching it for a third time this morning I am almost convinced that I can already smell my Creamy Earl Grey steeping from right out of the computer screen.

After further looking into the Company (Adagio) I noticed they have a "Points Rewards" program in which when you buy you gain points that can be used as money. Really a very brilliant idea. However what has me really intrigued is the "Design and Sell your own Blend" option. 

 "for those of you who are confident enough to create your own signature blends, we'll give you 10 points for every blend that gets sold"

Oh - bring it on baby!!!
I can already see it now. I'll be making millions selling my signature tea blend called......LahTeaDah.
Watch out for it.

Yours Truly

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