Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Welcome Tea Lovers!

So, Here I am. Starting my blog. Sipping from my finest (a gold and blush, Aynsley 1861) in which I purchased at a Vintage Shop in Victoria upon my visit to the Empress for "Tea with the Queen".

My life seems so "Lah Tea Dah"...Hmmmm, aren't I so quaint. From this day forward I shall talk with a English accent and call my friends lads. Sounds dashing doesn't it.

Okay - so that just might get old way too fast and could manage to be a possible loss of friends - however lads, this blog is going to be a "cup a tea". Be sure to check back on all my adventures in life - starting and ending always with a cup of Creamy Earl Grey out of the Aynsley 1861.

yours truly

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