Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tea Tasting Notes: Tazo Green Ginger

Here are my Tea Tasting Notes on the Tazo Green Ginger I got from the one and only Summer Knowles! Best surprise received in the mail since...... well ever! One of those times in life where you really appreciate the simple things in life.

Thanks for making my week Summer and Andrea and better yet thanks for making my Sunday Morning so Yummy and Fabulous!

Tea Name: Green Ginger
* received in the mail from the ever so precious Summer and her Mum, Andrea

Tea Type: Green

Tea Tasting Location: My Home, while eating breaky with my husband

Tea Accompaniments: A Drizzle of Honey (just as I was told)

Leave Rating: 4.0
5 being the best - 1 being the worst

Liquor Color: A rich Gold tone with a very soft hint of Sunflower Yellow 

Aroma: At first smell, I caught Ginger (Naturally - Oh I know, what gave it away??!!??) however thereafter sniff two, three, and four gave me some Spice, and smooth Lemony Citrus Aromas. A perfect morning cup to wake the senses!

Taste: At first taste, again the Ginger stood out to me. It had some fabulous undertones of lemon and a sort of earthiness. I didn't catch as much spice in the taste as I did in the smell - however to me this was a good surprise. I don't know how this woulda tasted with an additional KICK of Spice. 

Comments: Re-freshing and Surprisingly Extremely Great Tasting! My first real "step outside the Black Tea box" experience, and it was a pleasant one. Very happy with this Morning "cuppa" and would be more thank willing to re-visit..... shall it be next Sunday?

Yours Truly

In goes the Honey....only a Drizzle!
MmmmMmmmMmmm.....Perfect Sunday Morning!


swampthings said...

You're gutsy to dive right into the green ginger tea!

Excellent blog, wonderful descriptions!

LahTeaDah said...

I will have to be honest - if the cutest little wee-one didnt send it to me in the mail to try, I probably wouldnt have ventured into the Green Leaves for another good 3 months or so...

Glad I did though!

Thanks for the comment. gotta keep doing what I love... and thats sipping and blogging!

Yours Truly

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