Friday, May 28, 2010

Proof my FAMILY Rocks!

So, you may all think that you have amazing Families, which may be true, however I'm going to have to go out on the limb here, offend some, and make other envious....

I have the most AMAZING Family known to man-kind.

A few weeks back, I have sent a mass e-mail out to all my Family and Friends, enlightening them on my new life's adventure, my blog. I received a letter in the mail yesterday when I got home from work. Which for me is excitement in itself, I love getting mail, I couldn't help but think that it was probably a Wedding Invite or Bridal or Baby Shower Invitation - These are the types of things that I normally get in the mail (Again tooting my horn, my Husband gets and deals with ALL Bills - fabulous right??!!?? I dont lie people, my family is by far the best!). However, I was wrong, I got an absolutely adorable, unexpected card from my littlest fan.

My cousin, Andrea, recently had a baby at the end of last year. Miss Summer Mellieha Knowles - now reaching the ripe age of 8 months she can apparently write letters. I know AMAZING - right!!??!! AGAIN, my family is Brilliant!

She wrote me a letter letting me know that her Mum enjoys my Blog very much and would like to share some of her Mum's Favorite Tea with me! Inside the Card was a little Tea Bag waiting to be steeped!

Now tell me that isn't the cutest thing you have ever seen. I love my Family, and I love receiving random things like this in the mail. Life's little surprises like this, are the best! Leaves you feeling just as good as a Warm Cup of .... you guessed it...Creamy Earl Grey!

Can't help but share this adorable piece of mail I got yesterday!

Thank You Summer, Thank You Andrea! Love You!

I will be sure to blog my tasting notes on Andrea's Favorite Tea (Tazo Green Ginger), Steeped to perfection with a Drizzle of Honey (just like she likes it) this weekend! Watch out for it!

Yours Truly

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