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Back from Honolulu and getting back into the "swing" of things here in Vancouver. The time difference between Vancouver and Honolulu doesn't seem like it can screw with your head however - take away 3 hours of sleep after one too many Pina Colada's and let me ask you how you feel then.

This is what I thought!

Not only did this trip teach me that Sun and Liquor mixed with American Food Portion Sizes can really mess a classy girl up but it also showed me just how much of a miss home body I actually am. I seriously would have been happy coming home after 3 days - however I took one for the team and suck around for the additional 4. I wanted to be home cuddling my overeating-anorexic Cat (I will indulge one day, don't you worry), to rest my head on my over-priced Aloe Vera Down Filled Feather Pillow and make sure my baby Basil were getting just enough water needed to grow big and one day make me an Organic Thin Crust Margarita Pizza.

Sad - but no word of a lie...all the above is true!

Don't get me wrong I had a blast. The Sun was amazing, The Sand was Fabulous, The Hotel was Magnificent, The Pina Colada's were Smooth, The Shopping was Incredible.........Okay so it wasn't torture for being there a whole 7 days!
I regrettably did not get to even one High Tea. This, is for more than 1 reason.

One - My husband wasn't too keen on sipping a warm beverage while sitting on a veranda overlooking a Beach that ones were sunbathing on due to sun rays scorching their bodies at 33 Degrees....Go figure!
and Two - We had so many things on our "to do" with Afternoon Tea being served within a 3 to 4 hour window, it was very hard to work around on top of getting a reservation.

However - fear not readers...I did sip Tea at all locations I dined. It just wasn't accompanied by cute dainty sandwiches and scones lathered in Devonshire Cream.  Oh!?! Did I mention though, I discovered a few new fun touches to add to my next Tea Party! 
I shall leave you all with some photos of me at my best....sipping of course - what else?!

Yours Truly

Mid-Flight enjoying Earl Grey (not really - lets be honest, when its served in a Styrofoam Cup that's 3" Tall without Cream or Sugar - its really quite difficult to "enjoy")
"No Thanks - a SecondCup isn't really what I had in mind."
In our Hotel Room - They had the cutest little Tea/Coffee Machine that made 1 Cup Servings. So cute!
This "should be" illegal! However I couldn't quite figure what was worst for me - nothing at all or a powder foaming strange substance that should give the taste of a dairy product??!!??
Morning Tea - overlooking the Hilton's Salt Water Lagoon. Pretty much in Heaven here.
Oh common! Does the choice surprise you?
Sipping my Earl Grey, awaiting the arrival of my Macadamia and Coconut Pancakes
I think a Glass of Tea should always be accompanied by an over-sized piece of Cheesecake? Don't you agree?
Tea with Fresh Lemon and Pineapple Infused Honey is my Drink of Choice...for now anyways

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