Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sex and the Ci-Tea

My friends.
If you know me - you know I enjoy to push the Fashion Envelope as much as humanly possibly. If one doesn't think I can wear something - I'll pull it off and make sure its the next trend to hit US Weekly - and that's a promise.

I sleep, eat and dream anything to do with Fashion and Accessories - to try and explain how extreme it gets - I'm like a nerdy asthma-striken child in gym class asked to run the length of the gym......I panic and grab for my puffer when I see a sign that take a red hue and contains more than 1 letter "S"...SAMPLE SALE!!!

No but seriously - I don't have asthma - However I do panic a little/a lot when a store randomly has a Sale. I can never get enough - my closet will never be large enough - if you have been to my Home you will see I have taken our Master Suite Closet as well as our Spare Bedroom Closet for space. Damn Guests - they don't need space - live in your suitcase will yah!

Sex and the City it my strong standing favorite movie at the moment with tailing lose behind "Devil Wears Prada", "Coco Chanel" and "Billy Madison" - Random but true, Adam Sandler is my Comedian Crush!


I will be designing and creating a one of a kind pill-box hat to wear at the Sex and the City 2 Movie when I go with my Girls....I will be posting pictures of the process as I know its going to be a serious deal. I'm pretty sure this thing is going to make the front page at the news stands....the word flashy was never taken so seriously!

Watch out for it ladies - it will be a sure please your inner Glitzy Goddess - I promise.
Oh yeah - and while I design, create and craft - I always sip!

Yours Truly

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