Thursday, May 06, 2010

Gaga for Teacups?!?

Go figure, Lady Gaga loves her Afternoon Tea too!

Whether or not she is just trying to gain publicity (good or bad) - I will never know - but its fun to think that I have something in common with the ever so intriguing Miss Gaga.

I will have to say however, I am quite fond of her purple teacup, and might she want to toss it aside one day in replacement for a new one (or possibly some other publicity stunt using her hands *tsk tsk*) - I would gladly take it off her tea-sipping palms.

Lady Gaga never seems to disappoint - that is if you are into strangely odd and dark performances. Caught her circus act last night on American Idol. Does that chick ever NOT wear something random or dead on her head? Well Lady, you have done it again, forced me to watch your train wreck performance, and when the ending came - stood up and gave you a standing "o".

Only you Lady Gaga - only you!

yours truly

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