Thursday, May 20, 2010

Long Weekend Teacup Hunt

So this weekend I have decided - I shall hunt my heart out for everything TEA PARTY. Teacups, Teapots, Sugar Bowls and Creamers all the following loves of my life after my fabulous husband!

I can't get enough when I hit the local Antique Shops or better yet the VV Boutique (aka Value Village). It blows my mind to think that one might dispose or get rid of such gems. "what?!? you don't drink Tea out of fine china anymore - your red plastic Insurance Broker Travel Mug seems to do the trick for you?!? - your class is my gain my friends!" 

My husband works overtime this weekend and this means I have free range of what I want to spend my time doing for Friday, Saturday, Sunday AND Monday (gotta love long weekends). Of course, I will do my wifey duties (clean house, laundry and ensuring his lunch is packed and dinner is on the table) however in and around those "exciting" tasks the skies the limit.

After tempting and teasing myself yesterday while looking on ebay ( and etsy ( I have convinced myself that I need more gems to add to collection. OH AND I might just be planning a very important 27th Birthday that may require Teacups, Teapots, Pink Flamingos and Clocks stopped at Tea Time!!??!! Just Maybe.

I will be sure to bring a camera along with me while I visit these shops in hopes to find some true gems - watch out for the update in the Enquirer next to Brad and Angelina - my adoption of 5 Darling Teacups, 7 Brilliant Teapots and 1 Plastic Pink Flamingo :)

Yours Truly

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